Barack and Michelle, Split Vacations

Michelle will be taking her girls skiing in Colorado, and Obama will be vacationing with the boys in Florida.   Double your tax dollars, at work for this couple, who do not prefer each other’s company when recreating.

Separate Vacations for Barack and Michelle Obama | The Weekly Standard.


not out of the closet just yet

The white house press is sooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated!  It is not all rainbows and unicorns, and there is no transparency this weekend because Obama does not want to share while he is Down in Florida.

15-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Chicago, Kenwood Neighborhood Park

On Jan 21, Hadiya Pendleton performed with her high school band at Obama’s inauguration.  On Jan 29, she was shot dead in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park of Chicago, a likely unintended consequence of the gang-related shootings which are common in that city.  Pendleton was not believed to be gang affiliated  but some of the teens standing near her under the canopy  were likely members.

15-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Kenwood Neighborhood Park « CBS Chicago.

Putting Chicago’s problem in perspective: the killings that city vastly exceed the U.S. death toll in Afghanistan.

We await Obama’s response to the rampant and deadly violence in his blue home city, with the strict gun regulations.

Political Pundit Bows to Rush Limbaugh

and the Politico saw fit to publish it.

It seems that people are finally going to admit that Obama’s intention has been  to transform the U.S. into a Socialist, European style of has-been country.  Rush Limbaugh and about 20 million people understood that already.  Remember that Rush’s audience listen to him mostly because he articulates their mindset in eloquent English, and makes them feel less “alone”.  He is not thinking for them.  He is  speaking for them.

Finally the political pundits are catching up to what the true conservatives always thought was obvious.

Rush Limbaugh was right – (-Rich Lowry of National Review)

Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims -Breitbart


Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims.

He says the shoot-fests happen at Camp David.

It’s Man’s Country.

Pharmer is wondering where  Matt Drudge, Jerome Corsi and Kevin DuJan will run with this.

Here’s one answer…..

Breitbart tries to keep it clean.

such a super soaker


UPDATE….. We are laughing at New Republic for trying to pawn off a fake photo of Obama wielding a shotgun, and almost keeling over.  Could this have been their idea of what happens to him after firing?  Caught at The Weekly Standard.

This gun is tooooooo big for Barry

MORE UPDATE: Insiders who have seen Obama’s limited shooting at Camp David state that he could not have appeared more UNcomfortable handling a gun. He put himself through a 5 minute ordeal during a traditional shooting event (The President’s Cup) with the Marine guards.
See that report HERE.

Barry can’t let it go UPDATE:   White House provides that Once in a lifetime shot of Obama firing a shotgun.   The pic has so many caveats and restrictions attached that the media might not be showing it for long.

Party at Twitchy– users are photo-ENHANCING Obama’s pic.  Fun stuff HERE.

Abortionist in Chief, Using Children as Props, Announces 23 New Gun Control Edicts

Obama signed 23 new executive orders, expanding federal control over the distribution and tracking of guns.  Congress is also expected to deal with new legislation, as a solution to the governments utter failure to enforce the existing legislation.  The fact that the cited gun violence is concentrated in the areas with the strictest gun control has been ignored, thus revealing that the new legislation is not about protection or safety at all.

As the Abortionist in Chief pretends to be pushing gun bans for the sake of the children, take some time, surfing links below, to review some of his killer classics:

Obama Selling His Daughters for the Abortion Cause Again.
Remember how he didn’t want his daughters to be PUNISHED with a baby?

Obama on Abortion: to the left of most abortionists

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation |

Opposing the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of Illinois,


Obama Threatens Gun Ban Edict

Like so many dictators before him, Obama is threatening to bypass congress for his gun ban. The instrument for conveying Obama’s threats is Joe Biden    As usual, a crisis is being used to strengthen central governmental control.

Obama knows that Congress is too weak to stop him, and he doesn’t pay much attention to the judicial system.  The  rest of the government is too afraid of being called racist to enforce the law. More significantly,  these individuals are too afraid of being killed to lead opposition to Obama’s edicts.  Remember, we sent Chicago to Washington D.C., and now we have to pay the consequences.

Pharmer notes that only the citizenry  (subjects) will have to go without personal protection.  The governing class will retain their armed guards.

Pastors Call Left’s Bluff: No IRS Penalties for Preaching Politics |

Pastors Call Left’s Bluff: No IRS Penalties for Preaching Politics |

For the time being, the IRS is rolling over on the issue of tax exemption for churches which dare to publicly address political issues and candidate endorsements.
Over 1500 pastors challenged the IRS this year on the 5th annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday. The response from the IRS is that the enforcement of the so called tax penalties for non-profits, which exhibit a political view, will be held in abeyance until the tax-masters get their regulations in order.

Influencing this decision is a court determination that the Internal Revenue Service needs to establish which officials have sufficient rank for setting and enforcing the policies. Another unspoken problem is the glaring partisanship of the supposed ‘non-profit’, Planned Unparenthood. The IRS would obviously have to remove tax exempt status from the abortion giant if it were to remove that of any churches. Uneven enforcement of regulations does not hold up well from a legal standpoint.

For now, it is open season FOR politics from the pulpit.

Pastors and preachers may freely tell their congregations that Obama is more pro-abortion than 99 percent of abortionists. An exception is Kermit Gosnell, whose trial for infanticides starts in March.

Facebook Censors the Navy Seals Benghazi Page

Understandably the Navy SEALs are quite Unhappy with their Commander in Chief after finding out that their compatriots in Benghazi, Libya were denied assistance directly from the White House.
The Special Operations Speaks PAC put up a Facebook page with the following image to express their displeasure. It was removed with a warning from Facebook.

The SOS PAC replaced the image along with a link to Facebook feedback, for people to express their outrage at the censorship, and were promptly suspended from Facebook.
Apparently the folks at Facebook hold their loyalty to Obama uppermost over their function as social media, and overall customer satisfaction.
Stockholders should expect for Facebook to gradually fade away….
Pharmer is carrying the SOS PAC image so you can see it.

Obama’s Arrested Development Colors His Work Relationships with Women

Mitt Romney still won’t say whether he’d stand up for equal pay, but he did tell us he has “binders full of women.” OFA.BO/LMVWmZ

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 17, 2012

Is this the communication from a presidential administration or from a middle school boy?

During the second presidential debate with Romney,  Obama told us his solution to work place issues for women:  Birth Control.

Romney’s answer was more substantive, telling of his efforts to recruit competent female advisors and staffers into his admininistration while governor of Massachusetts.

The snippy little Obama Tweet made an issue of Romney’s referral to the applicant data presented to him during the recruitment process.

Are women going to be impressed by Obama’s  suggestion of birth control to make women a more secure place in the work world, or Romney’s  practice  of  offering  flex-time benefits to recruit the best female workers?

The Weekly Standard Blog reviews articles from the Washington Post and Time Magazine, reminding us that Obama’s own administration is a Boys Club. (No, they did not say Man’s Country).

Over and above bad feelings experienced by the women in the Obama administration, hard data reigns supreme.  Obama signed a bill  regarding women’s pay  in the work place, but he’s never been able to provide parity in pay  or representation for women, whether   in his own senate staffor his own white house  administration. 


Obama’s Answer on the Issue of Jobs for Women

During tonight’s presidential Townhall debate, the issue of jobs and equal pay for women came up.  Romney discussed his own approach in recruiting women into his administration while governor of Massachusetts, and addressing their need for flexible hours in the workplace, and that bringing relief to employers would bring more opportunities for women.

Obama added another answer for the issue of jobs for women, and that involved tax funding for planned unparenthood and the need for free

Solving the issue of Jobs for Women with employer provided birth control

Maybe this could prevent the need for flexible work hours.