Miss Michigan thinks Birth Control Pills are Controlled Substances!

Fresh in from the a nocturnal political news contributor, this major gaffe from the latest Miss USA.

The pill, in normal use, is not like any other drug. It is usually employed as a lifestyle drug, (much like a recreational drug). The Plan B form (Plan B One-step) is available over the counter in the United States and many other countries.

The pill is not very costly when compared to other recreational expenses, so this is not a reason for insurance companies to pay for its use as birth control. It is also presents many health liabilities for women, though the FDA and prescribers are remarkably unenthusiastic about reporting the many side effects, including those causing hospitalization and death. After all, it’s ONLY women who use those pills.

Some apologists for Rima Fakih have suggested that she might see it as a means to prevent abortions. The pill is NOT shown to reduce the overall demand for abortion in locations where it is readily available. Some studies show the opposite. Additionally the pill sometimes can operate by an interceptive mechanism, otherwise known as post fertilization mechanism, which can kill the early human embryo before implantation. This information is available in the drug information for the prescribers . It is not usually found in the information given to the patient.

Yep, that question was waaaay over Rima’s head, but a response based on medical facts would surely have been found unacceptable to the judges of the Miss USA contest.

4 thoughts on “Miss Michigan thinks Birth Control Pills are Controlled Substances!

  1. If she were blonde, she would have had a built-in excuse. As a Lebanese-American, who admits to attending St John's High School in NYC, this shows the poverty of chatechesis in Catholic schools.

    I wonder if she is Maronite and if her local Eparch (bishop in that Catholic rite) will be speaking out on her public heretical statement?

  2. Ya, there's a thought.

    Will her bishop speak up if she has Catholic affiliation? And what would be the Islamic thinking on that?

    Tales of her religious affiliation are vague.

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