Waking Up is Hard to Do

Catholic bishops prepare religious liberty fight.

Archbishop Charles Chaput is painting a darker view of America as being unfriendly to Christians in the present and coming years.

Pharmer often heaps “un-praise” on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for cooperating with and supporting the policies of the same corrupt government which intends to bury them, with the recognition that some of the Bishops have always known better.  Archbishop Chaput would be one of those.

AP is describing a bit more recognition among the Bishops that the burial of Christianity in the West is well under way, and the beginnings of their  efforts towards legal protection of religious freedom.

The legal process is very slow, and Pharmer suggests  that adherent Christians might  take a page from the book of the Muslims in making western  governments kow-tow to their wishes.  Christians still wield considerable control over various means of production so that there still remain non-violent options to bend our extremely corrupt government towards respecting religious freedoms.

Such techniques  have been used by the pro-lifers to delay and stop construction and operation of abortion clinics. In recent years planned parenthood has had  to form  shadow companies to have  clinics built, because so  many contractors opt not to do business with them.  Their difficulties are increasing.

Such things could be made to happen to the other leftist individuals and organizations  who are working to strip away our rights to freely practice our own religions.  It should become generally more difficult and expensive for them to get anything accomplished, from new construction to fixing the leak in their toilet.