Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians.

The American Catholic Church has been shooting itself in the foot for years, and shows no signs of holding back on this now.

Dr. Susan Berry tells us about ‘Justice for Immigrants’, which runs the USCCB campaign to replace American workers with illegal immigrant workers who are not eligible for Obamacare.  That organization is working hard to recruit Catholic support for the very same Democrat politicians who are restricting freedom of religion for adherents to the faith.  They’re also supporting corporate interests to obtain a cheaper labor force, leaving American workers out in the cold.

Not all of the parishes are so gung-ho to cooperate with this effort, and you should be grateful if this is the case.   Those in parishes which have decided to assist in replacing the American work force, and who are working with the death-culture-Dems, might wish to divert their regular contributions to the collection basket.  Look up Pregnancy Care Centers, or Crisis Pregnancy centers.   There are many better uses for your money than supporting those who have abandoned you and your religion.

Hobby Lobby Will Defy Obama HHS Mandate

The family of David Green, which owns the 500 plus Hobby Lobby stores, with 13000 employees are likely to incur a half billion dollar cost, while waiting for their challenge to the HHS mandate to be heard in court.    Despite this huge financial threat to their company’s existence,  the Greens have decided to adhere to their religious convictions, and defy Obama’s demand that they fund abortive forms of birth control for their employees.

Prayers for the success of David Green, his family and his company.  They’re putting the commandments of God ahead of the commands of  the most pro-abortion president in history.

If the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had felt this strongly about God’s commandment to avoid willful killing, there would NEVER have been an  HHS mandate at all!!

The Democrats Lost on Abortion, Now Reframe It As Fight for Contraception

Dick Morris has a theory that the Democrats are inventing a mission to save contraception from Republicans who want to ban it
. This is interesting, since there are no Republicans trying to ban it, although there are some who don’t believe that tax payers should have to foot the bill for these recreational drugs.

Abortion is not a big winner with the public. Most, however, have not been informed that using hormones which alter their physiological systems 24/7/365, in order to have a little additional indoor sport, is not medically sound. Face it gurls, you are not your original self while on the pill. The public still thinks it wants birth control. No one is even trying to get rid of it. Pharmer is living decades into the future on this issue, and thinks people will turn to less physiologically disruptive means for reproductive self regulation.

Right now, Dick Morris thinks that the left is putting up birth control as a human right in the place of abortion, and inventing a fight between the Democrats and Republicans on the issue during this campaign. He says it was signified by Stephanopolous questioning Romney on whether States could ban the pill and if they had a right to do so. Santorum was also questioned on the issue. Neither candidate has any history of attempting to ban birth control. Historically such a ban was dealt with in the Griswold vs. Connecticut Supreme Court decision.

Of course a state could do ANYTHING it wanted to until it is stopped. Obama is doing that now, with his insurance mandate making people buy things that they don’t want to.
In North Carolina, a state agent has been caught taking away school kids lunches and billing the parents for substitutes fed to the kids from the school cafeteria. School lunches must now meet USDA standards. Romney’s own state made people buy health insurance. So yes, a state could ban birth control until someone stopped them. But such a ban is not an issue now, and not a thing which the Republicans care about.

Even the United States Catholic Church has ceased preaching against artificial birth control. Paul Rahe professor of history from Hillsdale College has written a hugely significant piece explaining how the U.S. Bishops sold out to the socialists in exchange for the false charity of redistributing the wealth. Rahe points out that in the 13 years he has been attending Church, since returning, he has heard NO sermons or messages regarding birth control, though he has attended at many different locations. Pharmer concurs that this preaching has almost totally ceased. Many pastors try avoid the issue of abortion also, being afraid to disturb the 40 percent of females who have had abortions at some time in their lives. In doing this, they also fail to offer the women a means of healing or repentance. (Pharmer places the “healing” first, since so many abortions are coerced.)

Rahe points out that the Catholic Church is now reaping the results of its multi-generational dance with socialism. The U.S. Church, like that in Europe and Canada is losing its ability to teach its religious tenets, due to government suppression.
Yesterday 2/14, Rahe published a followup article detailing the years of Cardinal Bernardin and his influence on the US Catholic Church. Those who avail themselves of the pro-life news media have been reading and commenting on these trends for decades. Now the larger conservative media venues have noticed. We see present day referrals to what for us is OLD news. This is a trend which affects all religions, not just Catholics. The religion with the best defense against this is Islam, since it lacks a teaching to turn the other cheek.

In a nutshell you see Obama pressing an agenda to make everyone pay for other people’s recreational birth control drugs/abortifacients/sterilizations. At the same time he has possibly ordered Reid allow a vote to undo this. Simultaneously, the Dems will present Republican resistance to forcing religious people pay for these drugs, as an effort to BAN the substances altogether. It’s how the lefties campaign.

Keep your focus on the issue of individual freedom and self determination, and not on this crazy shell game that the democrats are presenting.

Related: Many rantings from your friendly rural pharmacist on the U.S. Catholic Bishops. So many of them exchanged religious freedom for state controlled wealth redistribution.

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Catholic bishops prepare religious liberty fight.

Archbishop Charles Chaput is painting a darker view of America as being unfriendly to Christians in the present and coming years.

Pharmer often heaps “un-praise” on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for cooperating with and supporting the policies of the same corrupt government which intends to bury them, with the recognition that some of the Bishops have always known better.  Archbishop Chaput would be one of those.

AP is describing a bit more recognition among the Bishops that the burial of Christianity in the West is well under way, and the beginnings of their  efforts towards legal protection of religious freedom.

The legal process is very slow, and Pharmer suggests  that adherent Christians might  take a page from the book of the Muslims in making western  governments kow-tow to their wishes.  Christians still wield considerable control over various means of production so that there still remain non-violent options to bend our extremely corrupt government towards respecting religious freedoms.

Such techniques  have been used by the pro-lifers to delay and stop construction and operation of abortion clinics. In recent years planned parenthood has had  to form  shadow companies to have  clinics built, because so  many contractors opt not to do business with them.  Their difficulties are increasing.

Such things could be made to happen to the other leftist individuals and organizations  who are working to strip away our rights to freely practice our own religions.  It should become generally more difficult and expensive for them to get anything accomplished, from new construction to fixing the leak in their toilet.

The Remnant: NOT Happy with Bishop Zurek and USCCB over Priests for Life.


It’s a long and Blistering opinion piece at the Remnant, a conservative Catholic Newspaper, ripping Bishop Patrick Zurek  for pulling Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life back to Amarillo, and “suspending?” him.

This treatment of the pro-lifers is NO surprise to the Pharmer, who has long noticed that our business and priorities are NOT those of the USCCB, even though they have been putting out a little showing of concern for the problem in the past few years.

Up until recently, the babies bodies have been politically  bartered  in order to gain other benefits of higher priority.  It’s been better for social programs, more open borders, and the collection plate, to push the abortion issue to the back burner.

Now that it’s painfully obvious to most everyone  that Catholics will be forced to participate in abortion, whether they want to or not,  we’ve gotten a new Committee!   (wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) at the USCCB.

But Fr. Frank Pavone, who has his own pro-life organization has been ordered to cease and desist.  Maybe  a vengeful  heart against those of us who stopped contributing to the USCCB, (which was  funding ACORN and some other organizations connected to abortion), caused Bishop Zurek to recommend that Catholics not donate to Priests for Life.

Pharmer is not inspired by this  to resume the contributions to USCCB.


‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty |

‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty |

Obama discussed his health care debacle with his fundraiser audience in St. Louis, creating a permanent record of deception regarding health insurance.

Insurance companies have highlighted coverage of mammograms for years, but in his comments, Obama pretended that his plan would put coverage where there had been none.   Quite the opposite.  With his administration came  a sudden reversal of  medical opinion: USPSTF says women do not need annual mammograms anymore.

Most (socialized) countries no longer offer annual mammograms for women  because their health programs cannot afford it.

“Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against women just because you guys give birth”.  (A little sex confusion from Obama  the orator.)

What Obama was really discussing is the birth control and abortion coverage.   The insurance companies are being forced to cover birth control (including the  forms with abortive mechanism).   Surgical abortion coverage is also in the pipeline despite many denials to the contrary.

To bridge the abortion gap, the FDA approved Ella in Aug 2010.  Ulipristal acetate is an analog of mifepristone, RU-486, now marketed as a morning after pill.  Doses can be accumulated to provide for abortions at home, many of which will be completed at hospitals out of necessity.

In this way, the Obama administration has co opted the cooperation of every hospital in the practice of abortion.

After years of ignoring these warnings about the government coercing participation in abortion,  the US Catholic Bishops have been awakened to deal with the problem.

On their website is a request for people to urge their congressional representatives to  legislate a reversal of this aspect of Obamacare.

The bishops face an uphill battle after the issue of abortion and birth control has been downplayed for so many years. Use of hormonal birth control is rampant among Catholics who were raised in a vacuum of information concerning Catholic teaching on the matter, as well as the means by which the drugs operate. The Bishops are now trying to persuade people who use the pill to tell the government not to have it covered in the health care plan.

USCCB- Too Little, Too Late?

Catholic Bishops Start Religious Liberty Cmte Over Obamacare |

At Pharmer’s parish, the Pro Life Month of October was kicked off   with  another flogging with the “Seamless Garment”.  Yep, this isn’t the first time.

The seamless garment concept used by Archbishop Joseph  Bernardin  has since been abused to make it OK for Catholics to vote for pro-abortion politicians as long as they offered enough governmental goodies for the poor, etc.

After decades of “war on poverty”, we have more poor than ever, and destruction of the family unit, particularly in the segments of the population most “helped” by the government.

In 2004, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, (now Pope Benedict XVI) issued a memorandum to the U.S. Bishops,  which as been said to shred the seamless garment concept, by categorizing  abortion as a most serious means of exiting communion with the Catholic Church.

The looming spectre of Obamacare, with its obligate funding of abortion using  the resources of tax payers, with its pro-abortion insurance mandates, and recission of conscience protections for health care professionals, has spurred the USCCB into action.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is going to form an Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty.

Timothy M. Dolan Elected Head of US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Timothy M. Dolan to Lead Catholic Bishops’ Conference –

From the leftist position of the New York Times, choosing Archbishop Dolan as president of the USCCB is a conservative move.

However,  Archbishop Dolan does not appear to be an  actual conservative.

A conservative would recognize that Obamacare would destroy the goose that laid the golden egg,  and that has heavily funded the charitable outreach of the Catholic church.

No mention is made of the obvious fact that Obamacare  will make  our elderly and disabled citizens SHOVEL READY.

Medicare denies more claims for treatment than any private insurer.    The idea that Obamacare will expand coverage while taking on more patients, wasting more money in administration, and driving out health care providers, is a total joke.

Archbishop Dolan is quoted by NYT:

“We should have been doing cartwheels” when the health care bill passed, he said, because the bishops had long supported expanding coverage. But he said the bishops could not endorse the legislation because they concluded there were “unborn babies that were in danger.”

If  that quote is accurate,  it would mean that he’s Lost in the Weeds on this issue.

This Bishop Finally got Mad Enough

to slap the media back..

Archbishop John G. Vlazny asks Catholic ministers to cancel Oregonian subscriptions |

He could have written a much stronger  letter to encourage the priests to stop their newspaper subscriptions, however.

Pharmer’s dropping this one on a few news sites.

Vengeance on the Pope for opposing Obamacare, and causing the USCCB to oppose Obamacare is a fresh  media blitz, dredging up old cases, with claims  that the guy who did the most to clean the LIBERAL pedophiles from the clergy, is somehow newly responsible for their offenses.

Par for the course for the ignorant media.

Who needs to pay for that recycled garbage??

Our Uninspired U.S. Catholic Bishops

If you ever donated or volunteered at one of the Catholic or other religious affiliated hospitals,  or worked there at lower salary than you might command elsewhere, for the sake of assisting a non profit institution that serves the poor……..  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops doesn’t  think you exist.  You and your service and your generosity are  NOTHING to them, and they collectively appear to  feel that the corrupt, liberal run government, can allocate care so much better.

It’s all right here,  in one of their too little, too late letters which Obama and his lefties are likely  throwing into the dumpster, after using it for personal hygiene,  (recycling being  of paramount importance).

This particular letter states that the issue of providing health care for all  has gone unaddressed in this country.  Unaddressed by all of you who put your time and money toward the effort, or to those who dedicated your careers to this end.  Your efforts go unrecognized as insignificant.   You see,  to our USCCB,  things will only be right when everyone has the same miserably poor care, under government mismanagement, as exists in other socialized countries.   This letter addresses the abortion issue, but utterly ignores the looming death-panel issue of government controlled rationing.    In their left-bent dementia, the bishops  opine that only  the government can manage such an undertaking as health care for all, and until pressure from the Vatican,  and Catholics cutting their funding to the USCCB  set this organization to its impotent letter writing effort,  they were content to support  a complete  economic  takeover by the socialists.

The bishops’  last  half hearted effort to forestall the abortion problem in Obamacare was distributed to parishes, but there was apparently  no mandatory directive for the priests to promote it.   Many churchgoers remain unaware of the effort.

The USCCB has been teaching,  contrary to the Catholic Church, and its authority, that we should allocate our personal, charitable responsibilities to the state.  Allegiance to these misguided bishops  is  a grievous error which will become more apparent as the state proceeds to strip the rest of our freedoms away.

Now is the time to let the U.S. Bishops understand that their leftist, socialist teachings regarding health care and control by the state  are not welcome in our lives.   Reallocate your charitable contributions away from USCCB  interests and  towards the numerous  direct charities, which feed the hungry and provide medical assistance without abortions.  Ask your Pastors and parish leaders to act similarly.    Money talks.   All of us Catholics can increase our efforts  to adhere to Church Teaching.   A transformation of the U.S. Catholic Church is needed.

This can be accomplished  from the grassroots, as  it will be done with respect to  the U.S. government.