Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians.

The American Catholic Church has been shooting itself in the foot for years, and shows no signs of holding back on this now.

Dr. Susan Berry tells us about ‘Justice for Immigrants’, which runs the USCCB campaign to replace American workers with illegal immigrant workers who are not eligible for Obamacare.  That organization is working hard to recruit Catholic support for the very same Democrat politicians who are restricting freedom of religion for adherents to the faith.  They’re also supporting corporate interests to obtain a cheaper labor force, leaving American workers out in the cold.

Not all of the parishes are so gung-ho to cooperate with this effort, and you should be grateful if this is the case.   Those in parishes which have decided to assist in replacing the American work force, and who are working with the death-culture-Dems, might wish to divert their regular contributions to the collection basket.  Look up Pregnancy Care Centers, or Crisis Pregnancy centers.   There are many better uses for your money than supporting those who have abandoned you and your religion.