If you Got the Seamless Garment Thrown at you in Church Today

and it bummed you out that your pastor presented this excuse for 53 percent of Catholics to support the Obamanator (who thinks denying care to the elderly, disabled, newly born, and killing the latter and the unborn is OK,) then head on over to Life Site News for clear talk on the issue.

Yep, today is a Bummer for the Pharmer. One more kid left in that parish school, and he has this year and two more to go. Just as the school seemed to take a turn for the better, we got a new pastor. And for prolife Sunday…… I had to restrain myself from pulling a Joe Wilson. The seamless garment idea isn’t classified as a lie, however. It is used as an intellectual excuse, by people who don’t know where money comes from, or how prosperity is generated, to vote for the guys who promise them funding for their favorite programs, by means of forced charity from others. (This forms a government bypass of the whole concept of charity altogether). So, for example, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops can ignore Obama’s support of murder, in order to express their favor for his [empty] promises to help the poor.

A reminder to all the confused congenital Democrats who supported Obama. Without respect for the right to life, none of the other stuff has any meaning. Supporting the guy who will promote the killing of the elderly, disabled and babies in order to have more funds to give to “disadvantaged” groups is nonsensical.
With respect for all life comes pressure to find ways to help everyone. For example, March of Dimes used to concentrate more on means to assist those born with disabilities. Now, there is more focus on eliminating the problem of birth defects by eliminating those, who are affected, prior to birth. With that focus, the pressure to find new ways to assist the disabled goes by the wayside. We’ve heard Obama’s health advisers say that too much money is spent on technological advancements (those things born of a love and hope for life). Their concentration is to remove the disabled, thereby fixing the problem more cheaply, and leaving more resources for what????? Their own extravagant living, perhaps?

You don’t have to bail on your religion if you’d like to remove yourself and your family from the seamless garment abuse or analogous tangled thinking. Attending church is supposed to help you to be a better person. If that isn’t happening, for this or other reasons, find a more adherent pastor or preacher to teach you. That’s what Pharmer has in mind.

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