Forty Days for Life, Out and About, Abortion Clinics Closing

The fearsome Forty Days For Life Campaign, that biennial event that has abortionist quaking, is doing it’s Autumn thing. This is a nationwide prayer and rally effort which is strongly associated with abortion clinic closures. Forty one of the clinics visited by this group have shut down, with the latest being in Livingston Montana.

Call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance for abortion sellers from Sept. 25, to Nov. 3, because these 40 days are bad for their business.  When people become more educated about the nature of abortion, it naturally becomes more unwanted.

Forty days prayer vigils have sprung up in 501 different cities around the world thus far.  There are 306 participating cities on the roster this fall.  You can use this map to find a prayer vigil near you, if you’d like to participate.  It’s a big part of the multi-tentacled effort to end the demand for killing babies prior to birth, and bring respect for all human life.

Follow the Forty Days for Life Fall campaign HERE.