Winnebago County, IL Health Dept Sued for firing Pro-life Nurse

Nurse Sandra Mendoza has been forced out of her 18 year  position as a pediatric nurse with the Winnebago County Health Dept in Rockford, Illinois.   This situation stemmed from the decision by Dr. Sandra Martell to have all of the nurses trained to refer for abortion and handle distribution of faulty birth control such as Plan B to unsuspecting patients who don’t know how ineffective it is, and that it can have an abortive mechanism if it ever works as planned.  Ms. Mendoza conscientiously refused to enable the killing of unborn humans, and subsequently found herself no longer employed by the health department.   She is bringing suit based upon the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act which prohibits discrimination against health care workers who object to abortion and refuse to promote or participate in that act.

The contact form for the Winnebago County Health Department is linked HERE for your convenience, if you would like to politely address the way that Dr. Sandra Martell chooses to run her department.

This violation of Sandra Mendoza’s civil rights comes prior to the passage of Illinois Senate Bill 1564, which seeks to overturn certain protections of health care workers who have a conscience, and refuse to enable the  killing of  humans.  This bill has not yet been addressed by Governor Bruce Rauner, who can be contacted HERE.

Illinois Review

NewsMax list of 100 Pro-lifers

…will be slurped up by Homeland Security and the IRS, though they surely already have already accumulated a more comprehensive list from Lexis Nexis data, and media searches.

The lucky nominees should expect to be rewarded with extra Groping by the TSA prior to air travel.   Vacations to Australia might be curtailed, as that country is a bit unfriendly to pro-life activists these days. (Wanting people to stop killing is freeking dangerous and scary!)

Prayers for all of the people who adopt children, who help moms to keep their babies, and who provide care for those who are elderly or disabled.

TFP Call to Chivalry

It’s a faith infused boot camp for the guys.

Call to Chivalry 2014 screen grab
Call to Chivalry 2014 -CLICK for video.

Read more about this 9 day camp experience at TFP Student Action.

Recently the guys were seen in front of of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic under construction in New Orleans.  It seems that construction has been stalled because no local contractors are wanting to pour a foundation for the abortion mill.   Word is out in pro-life news that the Archdiocese of New Orleans has stated that it won’t do business with contractors who work on that mill.



Abortion Debate at Purdue University March 3rd

Purdue Students for Life are hosting a formal debate between Created Equal’s Director of Training, Seth Drayer and Purdue University’s Professor of Communications Dr. Ralph Webb.
The topic: “Is Abortion a Human Rights Injustice?”
It will be held in Fowler Hall at 6:30 EST, on Monday, March 3rd, and live streamed at, so anyone can see it.
Please spread the word, and tweet it using #abortiondebate on the day of the debate!
Watch the Teaser film HERE.

High School Censors Flyer of Pro-life Student Group

Bryce Asberg, the 15 year old founder of Students for Life at Wilson High School, has fought an uphill battle with school officials who are trying to suppress his group’s efforts. The latest affront is censorship of their pro-life flyers, with the claim that they express a potentially offensive agenda. (Click HERE to judge the content of the flyiers for yourself.) Wilson Students for Life has had enough.

Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington is now dealing with a challenge to their censorship of pro-life speech and writing, and the extra work that comes justifying such policies to American citizens who are accustomed to freedom of speech.

The point man for censorship activity against the Students for Life group at Wilson HS is Vice Principal Shane Sliva and he can be contacted at (253-571-6076) or e-mail ( Ask him to cease and desist in his efforts to suppress the speech and activities of the pro-life student group.

Wilson High School Tacoma harassing pro life students
Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington – Contact information. Click the image to ’embiggen’ Everyone loves fan mail. Be gentle.

CookieCott 2014

Why boycott Girl Scout Cookies?.  <-click for the summary.

Girl Scouts of America are wiping their associations with Planned Parenthood and other pro abortion groups off of their websites as the Cookie-Cott gathers steam.

Old pro-lifers have been saying no to Girl Scout cookies, for years. Now the effort has reached critical mass.  The GSA’s latest endorsements of Kathleen Sebelius, (Cruella DeVil of Obamacare), the HHS Secretary, and Abortion Barbie- Wendy Davis (who filibustered in support of  late term abortion), have fired up the boycott efforts, so extensively that even the main stream media can’t ignore it.

Here’s a FLYER that you can download, print and pass around.

Join the CookieCott!  Pass it on!

Fundraiser for Teacher Fired for being Pro-Life

Pharmer has been transmitting the story of Bill Diss, the Portland Oregon high school math/computer science teacher, who was fired from his teaching job for opposing Planned Parenthood. Click above for the stories.

Jimmy Nolan is fundraising for Mr. Diss, to help him fight the school board’s decision to fire him. If you’d like to help, the donation link is embedded below.

Update:  12/17/13  Portland Public School District has dismissed Mr. Diss from his position, based upon his religious and ethical beliefs that abortion is wrong.   This dismissal comes despite his being the only teacher  in the state who is qualified to teach college level computer science to H.S. students for dual credit. Life Legal Defense Foundation intends to pursue further defense of Mr. Diss’s civil rights in this matter.

Forty Days for Life, Out and About, Abortion Clinics Closing

The fearsome Forty Days For Life Campaign, that biennial event that has abortionist quaking, is doing it’s Autumn thing. This is a nationwide prayer and rally effort which is strongly associated with abortion clinic closures. Forty one of the clinics visited by this group have shut down, with the latest being in Livingston Montana.

Call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance for abortion sellers from Sept. 25, to Nov. 3, because these 40 days are bad for their business.  When people become more educated about the nature of abortion, it naturally becomes more unwanted.

Forty days prayer vigils have sprung up in 501 different cities around the world thus far.  There are 306 participating cities on the roster this fall.  You can use this map to find a prayer vigil near you, if you’d like to participate.  It’s a big part of the multi-tentacled effort to end the demand for killing babies prior to birth, and bring respect for all human life.

Follow the Forty Days for Life Fall campaign HERE.