Too Late To Recall the Race War

George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting | Reuters.

<--- Click, but avoid the ads. Some in the media appear to have peeked out of the bubble to realize that their incompetent effort to start a race war, using the shooting of Trayvon Martin, has earned for them general disdain of all who are able to read and understand the news. Reuters has decided to issue a story on George Zimmerman's background which mentions that one of his Peruvian mom's ancestors was Black. It also mentions the family's friendships with people of all ethnicities, and their tradition of service to their neighbors and to others in need. After so many repetitions in the media that Zimmerman was a racist White man, who committed a hate crime against a Black kid, this little bit of revelation by Reuters is too little, too late. Pharmer is hoping that Zimmerman, a registered Democrat, remembers who threw him under the bus for their own political purposes, who ducked for cover from the media abuse of this incident, and who defended his right to fair treatment under the law.