Media Continues Malpractice after Zimmerman Acquittal

John Nolte of has provided a timeline of media abuse and dishonesty in coverage of the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case.    It includes misrepresentation of George Zimmerman’s race, which was key in morphing a local shooting incident into a race war, as well as a distraction from national scandals of the Obama administration.The timeline also shows examples of the media editing the 911 call that Zimmerman made, and falsely attributing racist statement to him, in order to whip up racial tensions.

The New York Times chose to cover the verdict in the Zimmerman case with the image of a protester outside the courthouse, a distraught Black woman, Darrsie Jackson  with her  two children, Linzey Stafford and Shauntina Stafford,   continuing the misrepresentation of this case as a racial issue.  Chris Hayes of MSNBC has weighed in with his tweeted opinion of the verdict. The media remains invested in producing a race war.

President Obama, who is perhaps up to 25% Black, depending on which story of his ancestry one believes,  assisted in the effort to divide America by publicizing his affinity for Trayvon Martin.   George Zimmerman, a registered Democrat, who is 12.5%Black, as well as Peruvian, from his mother’s lineage, was painted as a racist thug, who was looking for an opportunity to shoot a Black person.  Obama’s Justice Department’s Community Relations Service  forwarded money and personnel to help organize protestors in an attempt to influence the legal system as it managed the shooting incident. 

The jury has acquitted Zimmerman of the murder charges, but he certainly will not ever be free again.  The threat of retaliatory violence will follow him and his family everywhere, as a direct result of the media malfeasance, and intervention by the Obama administration, which appears to have a vested interest in fomenting racial turmoil in the United States.