Atheists are screeching about Ball State’s Profs who believe in Intelligent design.

The hiring of Astronomy Prof Guillermo Gonzalez by Ball State University in Muncie Indiana has induced the misnamed  “Freedom from Religion Foundation” members to ‘urinate  lava’ once more.  The physical consequences of this inspire the Pharmer to call for them a fire truck as well as a


While unable to understand the inherent contradiction in his organization’s name,  (Atheism is a religion),  attorney Andrew Seidel  has focused his efforts to suppress freedom of thought at educational institutions.

Intelligent design involves a belief that God started the creation of things, but it does not specify a mechanism.  Therefore, those who believe in intelligent design may entertain all sorts of scientific…… T H E O R I E S ….about the mechanisms by which things were brought into existence.  (Dogmatist Atheists, please review the term ‘theory’.)
Creationism is a subset of belief,  under the umbrella of the thought  that God started things, and it  generally purports that He is much more involved in the specific steps of formation and maintenance.
Equating Creationism and Intelligent Design, as Andrew Seidel appears to do, demonstrates a good deal of ignorance of religion, science and philosophy.
Freedom of thought and inquiry at universities has certainly been stifled by intolerant and close minded individuals such as Jeffrey Coyne and Andrew Seidel. There is nothing wrong with suggesting to students that a Creator started things.  The default RELIGIOUS belief of atheists, that things are self initiating and self maintaining, has no physically demonstrable basis, and is as much a BELIEF, as intelligent design or creationism.  Any promulgation of the religious belief, that things created themselves, should be under equal  public scrutiny as the suggestions by Ball State’s other intelligent design proponent, Eric Hedin, who is now under “investigation” for his course content.

Professor Gonzalez should not feel that he has to continue restricting his more expansive thoughts on the origins of things to his blog.

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  1. Wow, the hyperbole is so thick I can barely understand what you mean.

    This is a Poe, right?

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