Did the Pope Have Anything to Do with This?

One should not be trying to legislate in an incapacitated state, and so it was a sensible decision by Speaker of the House, John Boehner to resign. Thanks to him and to Matt Drudge for making Pharmer’s day.

Prayers for Boehner and for the rest of the troubled politicians in Washington DC who likewise  need to resign.


Today is a Good Day
Today is a Good Day

How to FAX your Senator or Representative.

If you want to FAX your congressman instead of getting your comments lost in the email, delayed for weeks in the snail mail, or ignored on the phone, try this site at bebusinessed.com.  A link will be permanently located on the sidebar. Faxing may also give you the opportunity to reach representatives outside your own district. Other means to contact the politicians is also supplied in an easy to use interface.  What’s going on at this site?  Naturally, it has ‘reviews’ of online and fax by email services.   Not everyone has immediate access to fax, so the advice to try that as a means to get to your congressman seems very sound.

This link was supplied by Sandra, who supports HR 546, the ACE Kids act of 2015 .

Replace Boehner

A number of conservative groups are encouraging Congress to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House.  Rep Louie Gohmert has thrown his hat into the ring.  A recent poll suggests that 60 percent of those still calling themselves Republican favor a new Speaker.

Yours truly has dropped email to Rep. Luke Messer, asking him to oppose Boehner as speaker.

Conservatives please  write to your representative today and suggest some fresh air for Congress.

Pervy Liberal Democrat Candidate Offers Money for Nude Pics of Female Hunter

Kendall Jones has received plenty of vitriol from the left for posting hunting pics on social media.  Topmost in the heap of slime are the tweets from Mike Dickinson (liberal democrat congressional candidate in Virginia).   He’s offering $100,000 for nude photos or videos of Kendall, because “she deserves to be a target”.

Don’t expect the voyeur-perv Dickinson to be asked to apologize, or to suffer much criticism.  Abortion supporting libs are permitted to abuse women in this upside down world.

Mike Dickinson attacks Kendall Jones
Mike Dickinson attacks Kendall Jones

Alternative news scoop is that Facebook has deleted some of Kendall Jone’s hunting pics, but has allowed a “Kill Kendall Jones” page.

It’s just another skirmish in the left’s unending war on women.


What Cantor Defeat Means for American Citizens

Not much, says Rep. Luiz Gutierrez, (D-IL).  Obama can move forward with immigration amnesty without the help of congress.  He’s King.   Most Americans with part time jobs can forget about working full time in the near future and earning more than the bottom level health care, or owning a dwelling.  The crony investors who have the ear of Obama have decreed that they need cheaper labor, and so he will get it done, while at the same time securing a permanent underclass which will vote for big daddy government.

The current minority populations of American citizens are being screwed too, as they will have to compete for jobs with those for whom the employers don’t have to buy Obamacare.  American citizens cost more to employ, as a matter of law.

Al Sharpton, a big proponent of  immigration amnesty, is calling the Dave Brat victory over Cantor a threat to civil rights.  He long ago abandoned Black Americans as a demographic group in favor of open borders and what he calls “immigration rights”.  Possibly Black Americans, who wish to maintain or augment  their jobs and business, are ready to dump the Rev. Sharpton.   He’s doing them no good at all.

The stark reality remains, that the federal government has lured underage immigrants to travel to America, unaccompanied by an adult, with the promise of goodies from the government, subjecting them to all sorts of abuse along the way, and upon their arrival.   This realization, that the government actually advertises to lure illegal immigrants, is much of what propelled the underfunded David Brat to such a shocking victory over Eric Cantor.

Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader Has Lost His Primary

Pharmer’s oldest kid was surfing on his phone last night, and announced that Eric Cantor had just lost his primary to Dave Brat, a Tea Party Backed Candidate, by a wide margin.  This is exciting news, since Cantor has been pushing unregulated immigration, (otherwise known as amnesty) for a long time, irritating the Americans who are struggling to make enough money to pay for their Obamacare.

Recently, the Obama administration has been advertising the joys of life on welfare on television and in the embassies of countries south of here.  This has resulted in an uptick of migration to the U.S., particularly by underage individuals.  Yes, this is another facet of Obama’s war on kids, this time subjecting illegal immigrant children to various and sundry abuses and atrocities as they travel northward to the land of milk and medicaid.  News of this in the conservative media did not help Rep. Cantor among the Republican base, and so he is OUT!

Ben Shapiro at Breitbart.com provides an analysis of the electoral consequences HERE.  Check it out.

War on Women: Alan Grayson’s Wife has Had Enough

There’s some soap opera drama surfacing in the life of Alan Grayson, leftie wildman of Florida, known for his outrageous attacks on his political opposition.

He had unleashed such an amazing ad against 2010 opponent Daniel Webster that yours truly had thought it could backfire, and it did.

That ad inspired the hilarious parody available HERE.

Could it beeeeee SATAN??!
Could it beeeeee SATAN??!

Unfortunately in 2012, Grayson ran after a district was redrawn for him, and returned to congress.

On to the soap opera. Grayson’t wife Lolita has filed for divorce, say the folks at Hot Air.  Most recently, a judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against crazy Grayson, in response to paperwork from Lolita, alleging injuries sustained after being shoved against a door by her soon to be ex-husband. She has submitted photos showing bruises to her leg and shoulder, and alleges that from time to time Grayson has battered her and the kids.  She states that Grayson has told her (in front of the children) that she would receive nothing in the divorce and would be left in the gutter.
There are more recent tweets from the relieved Grayson staff indicating that domestic violence charges have been dropped, today.

Lolita Grayson wouldn’t be receiving any support from her feminist sisters.   Domestic violence and general crazy behavior has always been OK with them as long as the perp supports abortion.

UPDATE:  It appears that Grayson’s 18 year old daughter, Skye, supported her father in this case, claiming that her mother started the altercation.  Skye is the same one arrested in November of 2013, for battering her mother, and pulling out the phone cord when she dialed 911.

Sandra Fluke Files to Run For Henry Waxman’s Seat

Sandra's "nutritional supplement"
Sandra’s “nutritional supplement”


The Georgetown birth control gurl, Sandra Fluke will be filing to run for the seat vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman of the 33rd district in California.
What she has actually done so far is to file with the California Democrat party for an endorsement to run in the election.

Sandra’s star power comes from being recognized as the one who needed families, whose average income amounted to her yearly tuition bill, to pay for her birth control.

That ought to qualify her as a congressional Democrat right there…

UPDATE 2/5:   NEVERMIND!   Sandra has decided to downgrade to run for California State Senator instead.   (Perhaps she knew that most of the country would be laughing at her if she ran for Congress)

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Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance: Congressional Staffers Fret About Obamacare


A Congressional Management Foundation survey reveals that Congressional aides in Washington DC, who make between $95,000 and $170,000 yearly are fretting over the cost and coverage of Obamacare. One staffer commented:  “Everyone felt as if we were pawns in this political argument,” says The Politico.

Remember, these are the people who write the regulations emanating from the multi-thousand page “Affordable” Care Act.  They’re feeling put upon by the cost of Obamacare, even though the Feds are subsidizing 75% of their cost. 

The bureaucrats and legislators of the federal government are living in a dream world.   How can they complain about any aspect of the bill which they are inflicting on Americans, whose median family income dropped to  $51,017 as of Sept 2013?

The federal subsidy for these Washington bureaucrats is funded by the very families who are only  making half or a third of their salary.  How do the idiots in government think Obamacare, or the subsequently planned  single payer plan, is going to work????