Sandra Fluke Files to Run For Henry Waxman’s Seat

Sandra's "nutritional supplement"
Sandra’s “nutritional supplement”


The Georgetown birth control gurl, Sandra Fluke will be filing to run for the seat vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman of the 33rd district in California.
What she has actually done so far is to file with the California Democrat party for an endorsement to run in the election.

Sandra’s star power comes from being recognized as the one who needed families, whose average income amounted to her yearly tuition bill, to pay for her birth control.

That ought to qualify her as a congressional Democrat right there…

UPDATE 2/5:   NEVERMIND!   Sandra has decided to downgrade to run for California State Senator instead.   (Perhaps she knew that most of the country would be laughing at her if she ran for Congress)
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  1. SLutaholics everywhere, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your self respect and lack of STDs!

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