Wendy Davis Extra Fancy, Struggling Single Mom

It’s legal to spend campaign funds to upgrade one’s rented dwelling, but it might not be good for the struggling single mom image.

With the added $131,000 that Wendy Davis  apparently spent on her rental upgrades in Austin, she might have raised herself into the more rarified lifestyles of the abortion industry’s upper echelon. Her 2012 income from legal work with Newby-Davis  is listed as $275,000.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Davis has charged some fancy  rental expenses to her campaign funds, while in Austin, and her living circumstances have been steadily upgraded with each passing year.   Details of her luxury lifestyle can be obtained HERE.  

These years of high living appears perfectly legal thus far, and would be just fine (even laudable as a stimulant to the economy) if Wendy were not campaigning on the poverty bus.

Davis is not keeping up with the Palins of 7 years ago (before they got rich),  with respect to the charitable contributions. She’s a little more like the Clintons and the Gores of old, according to the small numbers revealed by the Texas Tribune.