Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader Has Lost His Primary

Pharmer’s oldest kid was surfing on his phone last night, and announced that Eric Cantor had just lost his primary to Dave Brat, a Tea Party Backed Candidate, by a wide margin.  This is exciting news, since Cantor has been pushing unregulated immigration, (otherwise known as amnesty) for a long time, irritating the Americans who are struggling to make enough money to pay for their Obamacare.

Recently, the Obama administration has been advertising the joys of life on welfare on television and in the embassies of countries south of here.  This has resulted in an uptick of migration to the U.S., particularly by underage individuals.  Yes, this is another facet of Obama’s war on kids, this time subjecting illegal immigrant children to various and sundry abuses and atrocities as they travel northward to the land of milk and medicaid.  News of this in the conservative media did not help Rep. Cantor among the Republican base, and so he is OUT!

Ben Shapiro at provides an analysis of the electoral consequences HERE.  Check it out.