Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance: Congressional Staffers Fret About Obamacare


A Congressional Management Foundation survey reveals that Congressional aides in Washington DC, who make between $95,000 and $170,000 yearly are fretting over the cost and coverage of Obamacare. One staffer commented:  “Everyone felt as if we were pawns in this political argument,” says The Politico.

Remember, these are the people who write the regulations emanating from the multi-thousand page “Affordable” Care Act.  They’re feeling put upon by the cost of Obamacare, even though the Feds are subsidizing 75% of their cost. 

The bureaucrats and legislators of the federal government are living in a dream world.   How can they complain about any aspect of the bill which they are inflicting on Americans, whose median family income dropped to  $51,017 as of Sept 2013?

The federal subsidy for these Washington bureaucrats is funded by the very families who are only  making half or a third of their salary.  How do the idiots in government think Obamacare, or the subsequently planned  single payer plan, is going to work????

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