War on Women: Alan Grayson’s Wife has Had Enough

There’s some soap opera drama surfacing in the life of Alan Grayson, leftie wildman of Florida, known for his outrageous attacks on his political opposition.

He had unleashed such an amazing ad against 2010 opponent Daniel Webster that yours truly had thought it could backfire, and it did.

That ad inspired the hilarious parody available HERE.

Could it beeeeee SATAN??!
Could it beeeeee SATAN??!

Unfortunately in 2012, Grayson ran after a district was redrawn for him, and returned to congress.

On to the soap opera. Grayson’t wife Lolita has filed for divorce, say the folks at Hot Air.  Most recently, a judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against crazy Grayson, in response to paperwork from Lolita, alleging injuries sustained after being shoved against a door by her soon to be ex-husband. She has submitted photos showing bruises to her leg and shoulder, and alleges that from time to time Grayson has battered her and the kids.  She states that Grayson has told her (in front of the children) that she would receive nothing in the divorce and would be left in the gutter.
There are more recent tweets from the relieved Grayson staff indicating that domestic violence charges have been dropped, today.

Lolita Grayson wouldn’t be receiving any support from her feminist sisters.   Domestic violence and general crazy behavior has always been OK with them as long as the perp supports abortion.

UPDATE:  It appears that Grayson’s 18 year old daughter, Skye, supported her father in this case, claiming that her mother started the altercation.  Skye is the same one arrested in November of 2013, for battering her mother, and pulling out the phone cord when she dialed 911.