11 % of Americans Think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

They’re yukking it up at the LA Times, having found that many computer technology specific acronyms are not understood by most Americans.  The big Headliner is that a segment of the population confused HTML (hypertext markup language) with an STD.  Unlike the reporter at the Times…….. Pharmer has an idea why HTML brought  up infection in the minds of at least some of these people.  There really is a sexually transmitted infection called HTLV.  Yep…….. three initials in common with HTML.  It’s Human T Lymphotropic Virus. One of the types (HTLV I ) of this retroviral group  is associated with increased incidences of adult T cell leukemia and various other maladies.  It’s  an endemic problem in some parts of Asia, and of ongoing concern to the people who handle blood donations and banking.