Three Dem Congressmen Announce Retirement

Representative George Miller D-California, who pushed for more federal involvement (destruction)  in education has announced his retirement after 40 years.

Representative Bill Owens D-New York (once endorsed by the RINO Dede Scozzafava to beat a TeaParty conservative) has announced that he’s not up to a contest for his third term, and is retiring.

Representative Jim Moran D-Virginia,  who has help fund and preserve the bubble of Washington DC, has announced that he will retire after 12 terms.

Obama Donor to Head IRS Tea Party Targeting Investigation

This is useful…….. The Obama-bots are investigating themselves.   It seems that the internal  investigation of IRS discrimination against conservative groups prior to and after the 2012 election is being headed up by an Obama Donor.  The following excerpt about this conflict of interest  comes from  Please pass it on, and don’t hold your breath waiting for IRS reforms….

“Rep. Issa noted that current and former IRS officials revealed Barbara Bosserman, a trial attorney within the IRS’s Civil Rights Commission, is leading the internal investigation.

Bosserman’s leadership raises all sorts of questions about the investigation’s fairness. Rep. Issa’s investigations revealed that she has been a loyal financial backer of the DNC since 2004 and has donated multiple times personally to President Obama’s two campaigns. Her personal donation total reaches $6,750 to both the party and President Obama.”

via Obama Donor to Head IRS Tea Party Targeting Investigation.

Republican Candidate Mike Collins Does His Best Van Damme

Georgia Republican Mike Collins  is running in 2014  for Paul Broun’s seat in Congress.  He own’s a trucking company which is adversely impacted by Obamacare, and has produced a great Parody of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo ad, to express his dismay.

Click here to see  Collins’ trucks rolling slowly forward as he does his regular guy splits.   You’ll need to turn up the volume to hear the last part of what he says, but over all, it’s a fantastic ad.   The YouTube link HERE has better volume.  Visit the Overhaul DC website to learn more about this great communicator.

Mike Collins, GA Republican does his best Van Damme imitation
Mike Collins, GA Republican does his best Van Damme imitation

Boehner: Amnesty After GOP Primary Filing Deadlines

Boehner: Amnesty After GOP Primary Filing Deadlines.

Click above  for House Speaker, John Boehner’s strategy for minimizing primary challenges from the Tea Party.

He’s going to push through Amnesty legislation after the primary election filing deadlines.

Pass it around.

There is a big move on in the Ohio 8th District to unseat John Boehner.

Prospective candidates:

Click to see  Hamilton native, Eric Gurr.

JD Winteregg, an HS teacher from Troy.

Matt Trisler, a truck driver and navy vet  from Tipp City

Obamacare Fun Facts

Hundreds of thousands of individual health care policies have been cancelled in the wake of Obamacare regulations, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of cancellations to come.  Florida Blue is cutting off 80 percent of its individual policies in the state…. amounting to 300,ooo individuals who have to find new coverage.  Kaiser Permanente has cancelled about half of its individual polices in California with 160,000 clients sent packing.  Insurer Highmark  is dropping 20 percent and Independence Blue Cross is dropping 45 percent of individual policies in Pennsylvania.

It is estimated that 14 million policyholders purchase their own insurance, and if the above trends continue,  about half of those people will be without health insurance.  Why??  Because the obamacare sites don’t work, and less than one percent of the visitors to the sites have been able to sign up for insurance.

Consumer Reports  rates Obamacare website as a disaster and tells people to  stay away from it for at least a month.

Remember that additional huge cohorts of people are being converted to part time by their employers, who cannot afford the extra expense of obamacare.

Remember,  if you do not, or CANNOT purchase health insurance through the obamacare sites,  you will have to pay that fine to the IRS.

Remember that the Republican’t establishment has deemed it  most prudent to fund  Obamacare, and the RINOs  hope to personally benefit as it crashes down on millions of Americans, who are left uninsured and without access to healthcare, through no fault of their own.

Just like the Dems, the Republican establishment is OK with allowing working Americans, who formerly took care of their own health care needs,  to die as Obamacare implodes.

Our federal government is becoming one giant death panel.

Tired Old Party Ties One Year Delay of Obamacare to Continuing Resolution

After the Republicans in the Senate refused to stop cloture on the bill which funds Obamacare, the Republican Congress is showing agreement on a plan to tie a one year delay of the Obamacare individual mandate to passage of a continuing resolution. 

The continuing resolution (for those who prevent nausea by ignoring Washington DC) is how spending is done these days, in lieu of the constitutionally required Budgets which used to govern spending.

Shutdown is said to be much more likely with this move by congress.   Shutdown is probably a good thing, but delaying Obamacare by one year simply makes it more likely that people will not be mad enough  to vote out the corrupt old guard of Washington in 2014.

The delay of Obamacare is a means for incumbents in the Senate and congress to keep their jobs after next year.

Write Your Congressman: DEFUND Obamacare Friday

As soon as Friday, (Tomorrow) 9/20, the House of Representatives might be voting to defund Obamacare.  Tell your congressman that you really want Obamacare defunded, no fake bills, no shell games, no loopholes.   Pharmer always has a quick route to your congress-critters on the sidebar under LINKS.  Please use it whenever you feel the need.

Here they are, pulled up for your convenience.  Use the U.S. Representatives link today, put in your zipcode to find your Rep. fast, …...and tell your congressman how much you think Obamacare sux.



The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wants to Start a War with Syria

Obama wants to start a war with Syria, but is going to ask for Congressional approval so that it can be blamed on the Republicans.

You know that war is routinely started by Democrats and blamed on Republicans, and here we go again!!

Additionally, it appears that al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood will benefit from the planned intervention.  So if you want to call and write your representatives, now would be the time.  Don’t forget to mention defunding Obamacare and stopping the fake “immigration reform” while you’re at it.

Agriculture Bill goes down in Flames

The conservatives who think the Farm subsidy bill gave away too much money to the wrong people, and the dems who think the bill did not give away enough welfare dollars joined forces to defeat the legislation. 

Call a Waaaaaambulance for the ag lobbyists.  They are freaking out.


The Farm bill contained about $740 billion in food stamps and $200 billion in subsidies which are often welfare for the rich.

Pharmer is of the opinion that food stamp spending should be in a food stamp bill, and farm subsidies should be in a farm subsidy bill.  We the people, and our legislators should know exactly how the government intends to misappropriate our money.  Therefore, the mood on this Pharm about Farm bill defeat in the house is overall, ‘happy happy happy’.