Tired Old Party Ties One Year Delay of Obamacare to Continuing Resolution

After the Republicans in the Senate refused to stop cloture on the bill which funds Obamacare, the Republican Congress is showing agreement on a plan to tie a one year delay of the Obamacare individual mandate to passage of a continuing resolution. 

The continuing resolution (for those who prevent nausea by ignoring Washington DC) is how spending is done these days, in lieu of the constitutionally required Budgets which used to govern spending.

Shutdown is said to be much more likely with this move by congress.   Shutdown is probably a good thing, but delaying Obamacare by one year simply makes it more likely that people will not be mad enough  to vote out the corrupt old guard of Washington in 2014.

The delay of Obamacare is a means for incumbents in the Senate and congress to keep their jobs after next year.