Union Demonstration in Ohio

So many good websites……… so little time. Look at Truth About Bills. These fine people bring you the following video of a classy union guy, discussing the SB 5 rally in Ohio.

This video might offend  if you are sensitive to the language used in R rated movies.   The star of this video knows no other kind.  (Plus, Pharmer thinks he’s a little trashed.)

Washington is So Busy Over the Holidays

Robert M. McDowell: The FCC’s Threat to Internet Freedom – WSJ.com.

For one,  the FCC has  Democrat support for its effort to regulate the internet.  Mainly the Dems would like you to believe that they opposed the Net Neutrality rules with which the FCC wanted to regulate the cable and phone companies.  That’s not really the case, and while you are busy with snow and holidays, job or job hunting, the push for more government control is taking place.

Also while you extremely busy,  the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military has been repealed. All the things the Dems wanted to do, but were afraid to try before the elections are being pushed through.  This push has been accompanied by  talk of resuming the military draft, which may become necessary over time due to increased difficulty in recruiting a volunteer force.  For years, the ethically challenged Democrat Charlie Rangel has been the point man supporting this effort. Lately his legislative efforts offer a choice between ‘national service’ and military service.

Even the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts (meaning your taxes will remain the same for two more years)  was packed with Democrat spending, and a compromise to extend the unemployment funding.  Though the Dems and media present STATIC TAX RATES as cost to the government,  it would be good to remember that only the spending portions added to the extension bill fall in this category.   It is not a cost to the goverment to allow you to keep the same proportion of your income for another two years.

The START treaty, (a method to decrease U.S. nuclear preparedness while allowing Russia to proceed unabated) is being jammed through before the end of the year, without paying attention to the contents.  Sen Jon Kyl of Arizona is to be credited for his early opposition to this treaty.  Mitch McConnell appears to be waking up to reality.  Sen Dick Lugar of Indiana (home of many RINOS)  is still exhibiting signs of encroaching dementia (liberalism).

An attempt to pass an Omnibus Budget Bill, written long ago by Sen Dan Inouye,  (in anticipation of Democrat defeat in November) failed in the Senate over the weekend . Harry Reid has pulled the bill.  This is the bill most noted for a large pack of old spending earmarks, for which Dems can claim most of the credit.

Fun with Stupak, or Pick Your Own “Pro-life” Turncoat Congressman

Get your video cameras ready for some theatrics.

Purchase 30 pieces of silver (rounds or coins)   from your favorite metals dealer.   Do it as an individual or group.  Donate it to a Crisis Pregnancy Center or other,  willing, pro-life, charitable beneficiary,  to use as a hedge against inflation.  They can sell off when they need to,  and use it for operating expenses.  It’s a nice gift which can be given in the name of the one you’d like to irritate.

Send a photo of the silver, a receipt and a bill to your favorite turncoat, bogus ‘ pro-life’ politician.

Upload a video record of the fun to the internet and send a copy to your political pal with that receipt.

(Checking with a dealer today, Silver rounds were at $16.97.  Purchasing price  would be $17.97 apiece.  The market value changes  a good deal from day to day.)