See Obama’s April 25th, 2011 version of his birth certificate

White House Releases Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate –

Yes, it is the 4/25/11 edition, a supposed copy of the long form, with no seal, and of course it’s genuine.

Thank Donald Trump for inspiring this latest effort.

Click HERE for a look — and see  the term “African” used to designate a race.

Also amuse yourself with the sharp edged black corner in the upper left of the 4/25/11 version. This is not what happens when you copy out of a book. Try it and see.

Read the story of Kapi’Olani hospital.

Gaia = Mother Earth Demoted to Human Status by the Leftists

U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether ‘Mother Earth’ Deserves Human Rights Status –

Attention all you Gaia worshippers!   The lefties have been denigrating your religion with the new policy to accord human rights to Mother Nature.

That’s Right!  Your god has been demoted to Mere human status!!

Your religion has been dragged through the mud by the lefties, and dissed in a similar manner to Christianity.

Under the Bus, Gaia!   You can now be sued, just like any other human.  In addition,  (in case you become sick or disabled)  there’s a reason to consider new problems associated with the demotion:  abortion and euthanasia.

Dr. Elaina George Points at IPAB, the Death Panel

» The Administration’s Answer To High Healthcare Costs is…. Rationing – Big Government.

The unelected 15 member Death Panel, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board, is created to ration Obamacare.

Sick people won’t have the energy to fight through the roadblocks that this group will put in the way of obtaining health care, and will obligingly Die, for lack of access to the promised  “free” services.

Dr. Elaina George recognizes both the death panel, and the cronyism that drives Obamacare in her article, linked above.

We Could Have A Real American For President

The fading lamestream media would tell you that Republicans do not have strong contenders for the next presidential race. Wrong! There are a bunch of good ones, including Herman Cain, a successful American Businessman, who could easily smash the Arugula Eater in a debate. Here’s a guy who could lead America out of the economic abyss. Listen up!

Your iPhone is Watching You

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go | Technology |

There’s a hidden program which  records a log  of your movements (as long as you’re carrying your phone or iPad) and stores them on a hidden file which is then synced with your computer.

You can learn more about your iPhone snooper HERE, and obtain a program which will show you where the file is on your computer and let you see what’s in it.

Apple doesn’t want to tell us too much about this, but insists that it’s not for specfically spying on you, but for use with location based applications.

While you’re having fun with digital data,  Look HERE.

Why is Planned Parenthood Afraid to Challenge New Limits on Abortions?

Planned Parenthood Holds Back on Challenging Wave of Anti-Abortion Bills –

With the big change in state governments after 2010, causing them to lean heavily towards the right,  multitudinous prolife bills and legislation have resulted.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed under the spotlight  of  LiveAction and numerous other pro-life groups, and  an enhanced  public awareness of its slimy nature has been the result.

This has left planned parenthood feeling too much trepidation to  mount legal challenges in court against the new legislation.  The corporation claims that it lacks standing to challenge, the fetal pain laws, for one example.  Lack of standing was never a problem in the past.

Ask yourself what standing did  planned parenthood have in forcing other health care providers to participate in abortion, or intervening in the cases of those who want to avoid such activity.

Pro-life health care professionals  would like to see less of planned parenthood’s meddling in their  practice.  Seeing the nation’s largest abortion provider  on the run is a pleasant experience.