Lawmakers Secretly Plot to Exempt Themselves From Obamacare

You knew it would happen.   Members of congress,  including all Democrats, understand that Obamacare really sux.   They want no part of it for themselves, their families, or their staff.

That’s why they have been engaging in secretive talks to exempt themselves and their staff members from requirements to join the abysmal government exchanges.

The government officials know that entry level staffers cannot afford the ravages of rising health care insurance costs under the “Affordable” Health Care act.   They fear that the best staffers will leave Washington in search of more lucrative jobs in order to be able to afford the M A N D A T E D health care insurance.

The thought of “brain drain” in Washington DC (mentioned by the Politico) is vastly amusing.  Are Americans to believe that intelligent people planned this debacle for us, and chained us to debt eternally?

Readers should be aware that  Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana)  ripped into Sebelius and stated that Obamacare is going to be a train wreck. Recall that he was one of the original authors of this disaster.   Immediately after this show, he announced that he will not be running for office again.

Glenn Beck Presents: Bombergate– a Coverup by the Obama Administration

It appears that a former person of interest in the Boston Jihad incident, has been shoved into the mainstream media memory hole.  We are no longer supposed to be concerned with a Saudi national, who was investigated in connection with the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Glen Beck and The Blaze are yanking Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi back out of obscurity, pointing out that he had quite an interesting file, containing many reasons to be on the no-fly list, and to not be allowed in the U.S. at all.  It seems that he was considered “armed and dangerous” and worthy of deportation for security reasons, and for terrorist related activities.  His entry into the country under a special advisory option raises questions about the ability and interest  of the government to handle issues of national security

Surreptitious alterations in this man’s file as well as a general cover-up have been discovered.

It seems that Janet Napolitano has been caught lying about  the government interest in Alharbi, and she might experience future troubles with a charge of perjury.

Keep your eyes on The Blaze as the Alharbi coverup unravels.

Infanticide is Here to Stay

Judge Jeffrey Minehart is dropping three of the murder charges, a charge of infanticide and  five counts of corpse abuse in the Kermit Gosnell case.

Count on abortion clinics adopting the practice of throwing live born babies immediately  into the freezer, rather than attempting supportive care.   This will prevent anyone from determining if the babies took their first breath before they died.

It does not matter that this information was published here.   The abortionists have surely been poring over the evidence and testimony in the Gosnell case  (which the media hides from the rest of the world).  They’ll know exactly how to dodge the Born Alive Infants Protection Acts.

People don’t want to know about this stuff, because they can’t deal with it.   There’s no change from the Germans who ignored their NAZIs, or Muslims ignoring their freakazoid bomber fanatics.

Infanticide is here to stay.

Obama to Raise Funds for Planned Parenthood

Obama will be heading to  a Planned Parenthood Gala (fundraiser) in Washington DC on Thursday of this week.  While the Kermit Gosnell infanticide trial proceeds,  Obama will be bringing in additional dollars for his long time supporter, which is the largest abortion provider in the U.S.Obama refused to comment on the Gosnell situation, giving the excuse that the trial is ongoing.

love at first sight
love at first sight

Update:  Amid all the furor over Kermit Gosnell’s trial for abortion and infanticide atrocities, Obama has opted NOT to give the keynote address at the Planned Parenthood fundraiser, opting to perhaps appear on Friday morning during the event.  Apparently this top  gathering of abortion supporters is a conference.  Its location has been a well kept secret, in order to ward off the pro-life protests.

Getting to know Dzhokhar

Matthew Sheffield of Newsbusters has supplied  a collection of tweets coming from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s account, celebrating the 2012 victory of Obama over Romney.    Accompanying this is a long list of links showing the leftist media trying to paint the two brothers, who are  blamed for the Boston Jihad, as conservatives.   Should people be supporting news outlets which are habitually wrong?

Watertown Police Chief, Edward Deveau has related  a story of how Dzhokhar’s older brother died :  Cops were in the process of handcuffing Tamerlan when Dzhokhar drove a stolen  SUV at them.  The police were able to dive out of the way, but Tamerlan was run over, and dragged by the  vehicle.

Update: Where did Dzokhar get money?    A few individuals have  claimed that they bought pot from him, so it appears  he got at least some of his income from selling drugs.  There is also mention of  work on the side, repairing cars.

Boston Jihad News is Faster on Drudge and Blaze

Here, there, and everywhere, we’ve been hearing lefties at CCN and various other outlets, naming conservatives as the cause of the Boston Marathon terror attack.  Perhaps they are crying in their Starbucks to find that a pair of Chechan converts to Islam are the apparent culprits.  Once more, they are wrong (lying)  about the right wing.  For the moment the left-media  can thank the bombers for shielding Kermit Gosnell’s infanticide trial from media scrutiny.  New legal proposals for the regulation of pressure cookers and licensure of those who use them are expected.

The eldest of the brothers  Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26,has already been killed.  His 19 year old brother, Dzhokhar, is being hunted and is currently pinned down by law enforcement in Watertown MA.

boston Jihad drudge 4-19-13

It’s always a surprise to the Pharmer  to meet a new conservative friend who hasn’t yet  moved to the Drudge Report as a primary news aggregator.   Drudge is always faster than the boob tube news with respect to election coverage and this current hunt for the second  of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.  For people who aren’t satisfied with what Matt Drudge and his editors think are hot scoops,  there is a long list of international news portals, lamestream media,  and editorial links at the bottom of his page.

The Blaze is a more visual site, with a higher concentration of opinion, but it is still whupping the lamestream media in speed of Boston Jihad coverage. continues its quality output after the celestial discharge of their namesake, with Ben Shapiro and crew.  Available there is a timeline of the Tsarnaev brothers stay in the United states which sheds some light on possible motives for the bombing.

Get informed faster on the web, with your conservative  news aggregators and analysts.  Less fluff and more stuff.

Intrapartum Toilet Delivery Protocol

After the multiple law suits from women whose uteruses he perforated, Kermit Gosnell apparently found a way to avoid the surgical mishaps of late term abortions.  He refined  the Intrapartum Toilet Delivery Protocol. 
Part of this protocol is described by Latosha Lewis: “If… a baby was about to come out, I would take the woman to the bathroom, they would sit on the toilet and basically the baby would fall out and it would be in the toilet. I would be rubbing her back and trying to calm her down for two, three, four hours until Dr. Gosnell comes.”

Breitbart presents the janitorial nightmares which resulted from this abortion/infanticide clinical's Janitorial nightmare

Janitor James Johnson testified that “he had threatened to quit because he would not retrieve babies’ body parts from the toilets where they had been stuffed. Johnson said he would lift the toilet so that someone else could get the babies out of the pipes.”

Active Duty Soldier Arrested for Legally Carrying Firearms in Texas

Veteran arrested for legally carrying rifle TX

Officer Steve Ermis and his supervisor Sergeant Minnicks of the Temple Police Dept in TX, have really stepped in it.
They arrested Army Master Sgt. Christopher J. Grisham who was on a 10 mile hike with his 15 year old son, fulfilling an Eagle scout requirement.
Someone had reported “suspicious” armed people to the cops, and this caused Officer Ermis to disarm and arrest Sgt. Grisholm in the sight of his son, who was operating a camera. Readers can see a video of the entire event HERE.
The Blaze is carrying a more detailed account.
Seargeant Grisholm has had charges reduced from resisting arrest (because he didn’t) to a misdemeanor charge which essentially corresponds to talking too much while being arrested. His guns, which were not carried illegally nor unsafely, have not yet been returned to him.  Grisholm mentions that his  arrest was on March 16, 2013,  five “days after he urged the Temple City Council to declare that citizen rights to keep and bear arms will not be infringed“.
You know how much members of the military make, so check out Grisholm’s   legal fund HERE. to defend 2nd amendment rights,  to spank these keystone Temple cops for arresting him, taking his guns, and for detaining his son illegally for interrogation.

Left Says : Cure the Gosnell Problem by legalizing 3rd Trimester Abortion and Lift Regulations

Dr. Susan Berry highlights the efforts of the left to spin the Gosnell incompetence and  infanticide atrocities into something that they can blame on the right wing.  They’ve learned from Obama blaming HIS sequester and the bad results of his health-killing plan on the Republicans.

Berry takes Katha Pollitt of The Nation to the wood-shed for encouraging the legalization of late term abortions and more medicaid funding, as an answer to the Philadelphia abortion house of horrors.  Pollitt blames the regulations proposed by the right, for the lack of oversight by Pennysylvania  state regulators and the National Abortion Federation over the Gosnell clinic.    Pollitt says that “This is what illegal abortion looks like”, in a place where abortion is legal.

The  lefties apparently  think that if late term abortions were legal, this would somehow prevent Kermit from perforating the bowels and uteruses of his patients. How would making later term abortions legal prevent him from delivering the babies live to prevent further lawsuits for his surgical incompetence? Can anyone understand this pretzel logic?

Abortion supporters will be telling us that if we make infanticide legal, the conditions under which it is done will be more sanitary and safe.   Their problem (besides advocating infanticide)  is that legalizing abortion has not fixed the problem of disgusting abortion clinics and incompetent practitioners.

The single useful  function of the Obama administration has been to reveal more of the true nature of leftists to the rest of us.

No Comment from White House on #Gosnell Atrocities

Because Obama still thinks infanticide is OK, but he just can’t say it out loud.

Jay Carney had to evade questions regarding the infanticide practice at the Gosnell abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  Reporter Ed Henry connected the big push for “anti-gun” legislation (As Harry Reid calls it) with the idea of regulating abortion clinics to prevent infanticides.   Jay had to dodge this one, saying “I just don’t have a comment that could shed light on this specific case”.