Anti Gun Rights Regime Failed to Intimidate 8th Grader.

If Jared Marcum is any indicator, the regime is going to have trouble with the kids.  It seems that they’re not so easily cowed by the anti-gun educational regime.  Last week, Jared was suspended from Logan Middle School, Logan County, WV school and arrested after wearing an NRA T-shirt, with a “protect your rights” logo and a pic of a hunting rifle.  He wore it without incident until he was accosted by a teacher at lunch.  There was apparently a heated verbal argument when Jared refused a request  to remove the shirt or turn it inside out.   Cops were called and Jared was arrested for supposedly disrupting the educational process.

Jared has a court date in July to determine if he has to pay a 500 dollar fine or spend a year in prison.  His ordeal is just one of many suffered by conservative leaning students, who are being persecuted for their ideology by leftie public educators.  Jared is undaunted, however.  He returned to school this week wearing the exact same NRA shirt.  Other students in the county are doing the same as a show of support. They deserve our respect.

There is hope for America.