Bloomberg Says Minority Males Aged 15-25 Should Not have Guns

………according to an article found in the Aspen Times.   Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor,  was speaking to a “sold out crowd” at the Aspen Institute.

Below is a quote from and link to the article:

“Bloomberg claimed that 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25. Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive, he said.

““These kids think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed,” Bloomberg said. “They just don’t have any long-term focus or anything. It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.”

Yes, it’s time that people wake up to the true nature of leftists.

Wouldn’t Want to Be the Guy Who Reported John Crawford III to 911.

Last summer, cops responded to a 911 call reporting Beaver Creek, Ohio shopper, John Crawford for “Playing With a Gun While Black”.  To be sure,  Crawford was without gun etiquette and safety skills, but he was not threatening his fellow shoppers.  He had picked up an unloaded, air powered, pellet gun in Walmart and had been swinging it in the corner aisle, while talking on a cell phone. Most of the time the rifle is pointed towards the floor. At one point, the muzzle is seen pointing  toward a back wall and shelf of pet food, but not at any other shoppers.

Once readers tour the Walmart video footage, they will admire the folks at Truth About Guns, who essentially got the gist of this story way back in August, before any of this info was available.  John Crawford is mainly a victim of  panicky, anti-gun propagandizing .  It also appears that cops, all juiced up for a crazy shooter, did not give the guy much of a chance to respond appropriately to their presence before he was plugged by two of their bullets.

One 911 caller will be crawling into a hole after the unwarranted death of  22 year old Crawford, as well as the untimely demise of a 37 year old female shopper, who had a heart attack following the ensuing melee.  (Naturally the left wing media is trying to tie the caller to the Tea Party.)

Given the sum total of the story, it’s not a surprise that the family of John Crawford would want to sue somebody.   They would not be able to get much out of the 911 caller who touched off this whole disaster.

Lastly, people need to be exercising gun safety and etiquette along with their gun rights.

Is Your Mayor a Gun Grabber?

Find out if your mayor joined Michael Bloombergs Cadre of gun grabbers ” Mayors Against Illegal Guns“.

News of this organization has gone viral and about 50 of the mayors have bailed out of the organization.

The MAIG website has tried to hide their list of members but not to worry…. the Way Back Machine sees all, and you can too!

There are several gun grabbing mayors in Indiana, in the blue cities of course.  Check the list!   

gun grabbing mayors -Indiana as of 1-7-14
gun grabbing mayors -Indiana as of 1-7-14

Let your Mayor know what you think!

‘Bad Karma’ for the Gun Control Supporter

SAFE Act Proponent Charged for Carrying Gun on Campus.

Gun Controller Dwayne Ferguson, who pushed the SAFE Act has been arrested based on that same law.

Ferguson has a permit to carry a firearm, and frequently does so.  He apparently forgot that he was packing, when he attended a mentoring program at New York’s Harvey Austin Elementary school.

There was a lock down as the police searched for a man with a gun on campus during the after school programs.  Lo and behold…… who did they find but Ferguson, who had led about 50 kids into the cafeteria, and closed the doors, to protect them from …HIMSELF!!!!

Ferguson is charged with 2 counts of criminal gun possession, under his very own SAFE act.

Pharmer is dialing 911 for the …


NFL is Too Wussified for the Pharmer

The NFL has stuck to their gun-lessness (and bilateral absence of gonads).  The Daniel Defense Ad will still be absent from the Superbowl.  Your friendly blogger is studiously avoiding all ads and ad previews on Youtube, as well as the Superbowl itself, this year.  Yes, it’s true that the  commercials are often more interesting than the game, but every single Superbowl related thing will be avoided. The owner of Daniel Defense doesn’t believe in boycotts, and is not calling for one. To each his own.  Pharmer spends time and money judiciously.   Click HERE for a presentation from the NRA on the NFL decision to reject the home defense ad from the gun manufacturer.  Joe the Plumber is hosting it.  

NRA addresses NFL rejection of Daniel Defense ad
NRA addresses NFL rejection of Daniel Defense ad

Related: Colion Noir Rips Fox News and the NFL for rejecting the Daniel Defense ad.

Abortion Barbie Suddenly Supports Gun Rights

Wendy Davis Distracts from Bio Scandal with New ‘Pro-Gun’ Stance.

Wendie has U-turned away from her past record of voting against gun-rights bills.  She apparently wants to shed her “F” rating from the NRA, and distract from her bogus life story of struggle as a single mom.

Wendy Davis has given lukewarm support to background checks in the past.  One wonders if she has reconsidered, now that she has been nailed by a “background” check which exposed that her education and political rise was backed by her second ex-husband.

Another Angry Leftist Goes Hunting at School

Colorado gunman Karl Pierson criticized firearms laws but opened fire on his school | Mail Online.

The mainstream media won’t be exhaustively profiling the latest school shooter.  In fact they seem to have quieted down with respect to the rest of the shooters too.  It’s because the shooters are leaning left, not right.

From the Daily Mail, (linked above).

‘He had very strong beliefs about gun laws and stuff,’ junior Abbey Skoda told the Denver Post.

The paper reported that Pierson had once posted an image on Facebook with the slogan: ‘The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?’

The post had been removed on Saturday.

Is it possible that Pierson really was working for more gun regulation?


Happy Thanksgiving

When Pharmer’s youngest son shot his first wild turkey, we discovered that it tastes a lot different than those Butterballs we buy at the grocery store.  It’s meatier, almost like pork roast.  Wild turkeys actually fly a bit, and can really bend a branch when they land. It’s actual working muscle that gets converted to dinner.  Turkey is much too tasty to be a national bird.  The hunting seasons here are short, and hunters are permitted to take only one. Tom was spring food this year.

The family is divided into two on this day.  Pharmer goes to work for those people who are stuck in the hospital on Thanksgiving and day 1 of Hanukkah.  The rest are heading to celebrate Thanksgiving  with the in-laws.  Accompanying  them is the daughter’s college room-mate, from mainland China, who will be experiencing her first such American observance.

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving.  Celebrate what’s left of American freedom, drive safe …… keep yourself out of Pharmer’s hospital.

don't waste the pretty part
a little like pork roast

McBean Elementary School Bans U.S. Veteran Mom From School Ground

Why????  Because the mom, Ms. Tanya Mount posted a  picture of her concealed carry license in her hands on Facebook.

When Mount, whose daughter attends Bean Elementary, asked what she had done wrong, she was told that the principal was scared of her and did not want her on the school grounds.

News media reports that the principal, Janina Dallas confirmed that the facebook photo was the source of her problems.  Tanya Mount says that this was her first conflict with the principal, and she has since gotten permission to transfer her daughter to another school.  The Army Veteran is demanding an apology from McBean Elementary.

The full news story is available here

Ms. Tanya Mount, U.S. Army Veteran
Ms. Tanya Mount, U.S. Army Veteran