Happy Thanksgiving

When Pharmer’s youngest son shot his first wild turkey, we discovered that it tastes a lot different than those Butterballs we buy at the grocery store.  It’s meatier, almost like pork roast.  Wild turkeys actually fly a bit, and can really bend a branch when they land. It’s actual working muscle that gets converted to dinner.  Turkey is much too tasty to be a national bird.  The hunting seasons here are short, and hunters are permitted to take only one. Tom was spring food this year.

The family is divided into two on this day.  Pharmer goes to work for those people who are stuck in the hospital on Thanksgiving and day 1 of Hanukkah.  The rest are heading to celebrate Thanksgiving  with the in-laws.  Accompanying  them is the daughter’s college room-mate, from mainland China, who will be experiencing her first such American observance.

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving.  Celebrate what’s left of American freedom, drive safe …… keep yourself out of Pharmer’s hospital.

don't waste the pretty part
a little like pork roast