Obama Administration Revving Up for Christmas

The first Christmas Present from Obama is to delay the Obamacare Mandate for Small businesses (unilaterally, without an act of Congress) so that fewer people will find out how much his health-kill plan sux until after the 2014 elections.  The other reason for the delay is that these incompetents could not get the website up and running in time to implement the requirements of the law as it was written.  The delayed, Dec 1 deadline also can’t be met.  This should increase your longing for  a totally socialized system, with the current administration of idiots running it.

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Obama Evil Santa from The People’s Cube

You can head to The People’s Cube to find out the 12 burdens of Obamacare that SantObama has for us… in a parody of the classic song.

Evil SantObama’s IRS  is now auditing a cancer patient who dared to tell Fox news that his insurance policy had been cancelled because of Obamacare.  The man’s luck changed when  insurance company subsequently found a way for him to keep a policy, but the IRS is going to audit his 2009 books and punish an insurance broker, who dared to lend him assistance, with an audit back to 2003.

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Take your Medicine -The Looking Spoon

The message is that you are to keep silent while Obama screws your life away.