Holly O’Donnell Reveals What Compelled Her to Leave Stem Cell Express

Abby Johnson was pushed out of the abortion business by seeing an ultrasound guided abortion that hit her with the reality of killing unborn humans.

Holly O’Donnell, former baby parts procurement technician, was pushed out of the business by seeing the extraction of a brain from an aborted baby who was still alive.

This is not medicine. How far will the slaughter and sale of humans go before people wake up?

Prayers for Holly who has shown extreme courage in exposing these practices.

NHS Pedophilia Promoters Give Birth Control Implants to Girls as Young as 10

Nexplanon, (etonogestrel) a progestin containing implant has been given to at least 3 10 year old girls by NHS trusts in the UK.  They’ve also admitted to implanting the device into
an 11 year old,
53 12 year olds,
281 13 year olds,
3032 14 year olds and
6208 15 year olds.
Yes, for the perverts at the NHS, making girls available for sex abuse is the way to go.
In addition, they are not concerned about what the implants can do to the kids. For example, the long term, progestin only class of  BC is strongly associated with osteoporosis. Giving this drug to girls while their bones are still growing is  therefore not a good idea.
If a girl becomes pregnant, the drug affects the developing human embryo or fetus. Progestin only birth control is also associated with increases in susceptibility to STDs.  Etonongestrel is the active metabolite of desogestrel, which gained fame  from thrombotic events in so many patients, and the ensuing class action law suits.
Ladies, the clinical trials of Nexplanon EXCLUDED those who weigh more than 130 percent of ideal weight, and this drug  is associated with further weight gain.

Stuffing young girls full of progestins is the kind of perverted  policy we have come to expect from government run health care programs.


Left is Still Whining that the Right Wants to Ban Birth Control

You can head over to Mother Jones if you want to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Basically their author, Molly Redden, says that pro-lifers are conflating abortion and birth control, and want to ban both.  It’s been fun to see the left finally admit (after years of being derided for their science illiteracy)  that stopping implantation is a significant mechanism of birth control hormones.

Yours truly dropped the following comment. It’s an opportunity to inform leftists about the Plan B scam, and other problems with birth control hormones.  Maybe it will stir the denizens of the left-cloud  up a bit. You might want to join in the debate.

Unmentioned in this article is Ella (ulipristal acetate) the newly touted morning after pill which takes the place of Plan B, since the latter drug known to be ineffective for average sized American women.  Ella is an analog of mifepristone (RU-486), and of course it shares the the same mechanisms of action.
The  various mechanisms of birth control pills are not new.  The only thing that has changed is that more people know about it, thanks to the coercive actions of employers and governments.  The newer “development” is the religious belief that implantation confers a different status upon the growing human organism.  Killing the human organism prior to implantation, according to this religion, is birth control, and after implantation, the act becomes worthy of the name, “abortion”.
This tired article pushes the meme that women are too incompetent to obtain their own birth control, and that Obama should provide it (with our money).  One amusing fact is that Obama care provides only limited access, and many women are being forced to buy their preferred types of birth control hormones because their Obamacare does not “care” enough.
Meanwhile, women continue to troop through the hospitals with thromboembolic (blood clotting) events and various other untoward side effects of birth control hormones.  They have been very tolerant of life threatening “medical care”, so this is all OK as far as the lefties are concerned.
Some day, women might get tired of routine chemical alterations to their bodies, and learn how to regulate their reproductive potential using natural, safer, more ethical, and more effective means.

Jonathan Gruber: Killing for Crime Control

Mona Charen has dredged up more Jonathan Gruber sludge, linking him to the Killing for Crime Control thesis made famous in the Freakonomics book and ensuing debate.

Referencing this 1998 article by Jonathan Gruber, et al, Freakonomics author Steven Levitt and colleague, John Donahue argued in a 2002 Quarterly Journal of Economics  article  that the availability of abortion had significant influence in lowering the crime rate.  This later was made available for public consumption in the 2005 Freakonomics chapter on abortion.

Besides connecting Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber with more of his macabre plans for social engineering, this underscores another leftist inconsistency.  Usually these people are arguing to mitigate penalties against established criminals, yet here you see them supporting the idea of aborting babies from groups considered  more likely to become social liabilities.  That’s the same as a death penalty exacted before a crime is even contemplated.

Gruber’s own conclusions from 1998: “Perhaps more importantly, these findings may also have implications for the lifelong prospects of the average child born after legalization. The children not born due to abortion availability would have grown up in adverse living circumstances that other studies have shown may be detrimental to later prospects.”

What other interesting ideas from the mind of Johnathan Gruber have made their way into the intrinsic design of Obamacare?

Kara and Brittany

Kara Tippetts, who openly pleaded with Brittany Maynard not to commit suicide, remains other-directed as she takes up the final leg of her life journey. She has entered hospice care.  Tippetts has written “The Hardest Peace” addressing her own battle with stage IV cancer, and facing the end of life.

Yesterday, there appeared a post on Kara’s blog, ostensibly from Brittany’s mom, about support for a “right” to choose one’s own manner of dying. People are finding so many new “rights” these days, and with each one there is a class of slaves who are assigned the job of providing for these things.

Prayers for God to cover Kara, and her family with His peace.

The U.S. has Too Many Health Care Givers

This is why Obama seems be acting to get rid of them.

In fact, Obama’s manner of dealing with Ebola is calculated to select against the lives of the most caring and dedicated physicians, nurses and other personnel……. the ones who would accept more personal risk in order to care for patients with communicable diseases.

If you like your doctor for his dedication……….. there’s more chance that you could lose your doctor to Ebola infection, thanks to Obama.

While you are waiting for this to happen, enjoy Tom Frieden, the incompetent head of the CDC, as he tells us: you can’t catch Ebola from another passenger on a bus, but…… those with Ebola should stay off of public transportation in order not to spread the disease.   This self contradiction occurs within a 30 second span, during an interview.


Programmed Death- Apoptosis via Obamacare

Obamacare Creator: Die at 75! < Click it.

 Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the foremost evil minds inspiring Obamacare believes that he (and all of us) should die by age 75.  More years beyond that are those of decline, in his way of thinking.  He has designed Obamacare with this goal in mind, to kill off the people who are no longer seen as an asset to the state.

Sadly, the mismanagement which is already rampant in Obamacare will inspire people to declare themselves as  DNR CC before age 75, just to escape the aggravation of it all.

Fort Hood Massacre: Either it was Terror, Or Obama Should be in Jail

TheBlaze Investigation: How Obama and the Army Betrayed the Victims of Fort Hood | TheBlaze.com.

Glenn Beck is covering the issue of Fort Hood military personnel who were injured or killed by Major Nidal Hasan.  He’s been clamoring for the incident to be recognized as a terror attack, and for the victims to be honored and/or supported  as is befitting members of the military who are killed or injured in an enemy attack.

At issue is the relationship of Hasan to Anwar Al Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who became a radicalized Muslim cleric, and the inspiration of this attack.

Obama chose to Drone Al Awlaki and his 16 year old son.  Yes, they were both killed without the  due process that is normally accorded to criminals who are American Citizens.

Either the Ft. Hood massacre should be classified as a terrorist attack, or Obama and his associates who participated in the drone attacks should be in jail for murder.

Obama Administration Revving Up for Christmas

The first Christmas Present from Obama is to delay the Obamacare Mandate for Small businesses (unilaterally, without an act of Congress) so that fewer people will find out how much his health-kill plan sux until after the 2014 elections.  The other reason for the delay is that these incompetents could not get the website up and running in time to implement the requirements of the law as it was written.  The delayed, Dec 1 deadline also can’t be met.  This should increase your longing for  a totally socialized system, with the current administration of idiots running it.

visit thepeoplescube.com
Obama Evil Santa from The People’s Cube

You can head to The People’s Cube to find out the 12 burdens of Obamacare that SantObama has for us… in a parody of the classic song.

Evil SantObama’s IRS  is now auditing a cancer patient who dared to tell Fox news that his insurance policy had been cancelled because of Obamacare.  The man’s luck changed when  insurance company subsequently found a way for him to keep a policy, but the IRS is going to audit his 2009 books and punish an insurance broker, who dared to lend him assistance, with an audit back to 2003.

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Take your Medicine -The Looking Spoon

The message is that you are to keep silent while Obama screws your life away.


Cancer Patient is Giving Obama What He Wants

Cancer patient, Bill Elliot,  is not impressed with Obama’s apology to those who are having their insurance cut.

“Absolutely he misled me, I believe that was more of an insult to me and the other people who have been canceled than him saying 41 times ‘you’re going to keep your doctor, keep your insurance. Period.‘”, said Elliot, who voted for Obama based upon his promise.

South Carolina Retiree, Bill Elliot, cancer pt. cancelled by Obamacare
Megyn Kelly interviews South Carolina Retiree, Bill Elliot, cancer patient. cancelled by Obamacare

Elliot doesn’t have the money to buy the new,  super expensive ($1500 monthly)  Obamacare policy, now that his $180 per month policy, which had been covering his cancer treatments  will been cancelled.  Elliot said that he likes his doctor and his insurance, which has paid for just about everything.

After consideration and prayer, Elliot says he is going to “pay the $95 fine and let nature take his course”.   Of Obama’s apology, he said: it’s “like a doctor coming into your operating room and saying, ‘I cut out your wrong kidney. But I’m sorry about that.’ There’s nothing you can do about it now.”

Pharmer understand the tight spot that Elliot is in.  He’s middle class and can’t afford to cover his cancer treatment while paying the new expensive rates that were designed to sustain others, who never paid into health insurance before.

The problem is that Bill Elliot is doing exactly what Obama, Zeke Emanuel and Cass Sunstein had in mind.  He’s killing himself off, because he’s no longer of use as a funding source to the government.

Mr. Elliot joins the 52 million Americans which the Federal government projected (way back in 2010) would lose their health insurance as a result of Obamacare.

This is the “transition” of retirees and sick people into coffins, that the Obama administration has been selling to us.