French Same Sex Parenting Law Stopped

……. after a big pro-family swell of protests in France and in other parts of Europe.

Dr. Susan Berry reports at Breitbart, that the plans of Francois Hollande to allow assisted reproduction for lesbian couples and surrogacy for gay men have come to a screeching halt.  Many socially conservative groups came together to protest the “modernization” of family law.

La Manif Pour Tous is a group that has joined disparate religious and social groups together against same sex marriage legislation in Europe, and they have fought a successful battle against the latest plans of President Hollande.

Jean-Pierre Delaume-Myard, a gay man who speaks out for La Manif Pour Tous, explained that the majority of homosexuals have not been pushing for these kinds of laws, and in fact, only 4 percent of them have taken  advantage of the legalization of civil unions in France.

Delaume-Myard asserts that children are the “first victims” of same-sex marriage.  “It deprives them of a father and a mother.  The desire to have a child by a homosexual cannot justify any kind of solution to fill this gap.  Every child has the right to have a father and a mother”.  He added that assisted procreation  ‘turns women and children into mere commodities’.

Short message: only the minority of people with homosexual orientation are on board with  the agenda that the leftists have planned for their lives.

Judge Cites Same-Sex Marriage in Declaring Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional

Judge Cites Same-Sex Marriage in Declaring Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional.

We all knew it would happen.  If the courts invented a right to Homosexual marriage, then the practice of Polygamy would soon be decriminalized, then declared a right.  U.S. District  Judge Clark Waddoups got it done in Utah.  As a condition for statehood in 1896, Utah had to make polygamy illegal.  That law has now been overturned, on the basis that if same sex marriage is protected, then so is any other kind.
The lawsuit in question was designed by Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, which sought to first decriminalize polygamy, then obtain state recognition for this. Turley’s idea of polygamy includes polygyny, polyandry and polyamory, a big group lovefest.
There will be more fireworks as the government forces the churches to recognize these kinds arrangements.  Next there will be marriages to animals and inanimate objects.

Clinton Flip-Flop

Bill Clinton is hailing the Supreme Court decision to overturn portions of the Defense of Marriage Act which HE signed into law in 1996.

Cerebral atherosclerosis and various infectious organisms might have combined to produce this evolution in Clinton’s thinking regarding how we should spend federal dollars, providing benefits to couples who both could have been working all their lives, not supporting children, thereby having more opportunity to accrue their own retirement funds and individual health plans.

By the way, this SCOTUS  decision  affects only the way the Federal government looks at gay marriage, and not how the states view it, with the exception of vacating a court appeal supporting Prop 8 in California.  It’s not as big a deal as some might think.

What do you think should be the next move for churches, which  will need to protect their First Amendment rights to oppose homosexual Activity on a moral basis?  Obama assures us that HE will not force churches to officiate gay marriages.  Like all of his other social agendas…….. someone else will do the forcing for him.

**The Supreme court vacated the 9th Circuit Court decision on California’s Prop 8, so that restriction on homosexual marriage  remains the law of the land in that state.  The federal court takes no position on the states decisions regarding same sex marriage.   Any further attempts to appeal Prop 8 will have to take place in the California state court system.