Judge Cites Same-Sex Marriage in Declaring Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional

Judge Cites Same-Sex Marriage in Declaring Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional.

We all knew it would happen.  If the courts invented a right to Homosexual marriage, then the practice of Polygamy would soon be decriminalized, then declared a right.  U.S. District  Judge Clark Waddoups got it done in Utah.  As a condition for statehood in 1896, Utah had to make polygamy illegal.  That law has now been overturned, on the basis that if same sex marriage is protected, then so is any other kind.
The lawsuit in question was designed by Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, which sought to first decriminalize polygamy, then obtain state recognition for this. Turley’s idea of polygamy includes polygyny, polyandry and polyamory, a big group lovefest.
There will be more fireworks as the government forces the churches to recognize these kinds arrangements.  Next there will be marriages to animals and inanimate objects.