Liberals Sexing Blindly

The latest Leftie study might have been perfect for the Journal of Irreproducible Results, but it’s no joke to the researchers.  They’re worried about the adverse consequences of men’s gaze upon the forms of attractive females.  Naturally, the liberals are wanting to ban this activity, which is regarded as the “objectifying gaze”.   Likely the damaging result is not so much for those being gazed at, but for those who are mad about being ignored. Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller is not about to surrender to the left, or give up his naturally motivated and  happy sport of ogling the ladies.  He has concluded that the lefties are losers who “will fall by the wayside”, and the more hormonally vigorous “conservatives will own the future”.
Rush Limbaugh discussed the nanny state, and the liberals who want to control every single facet of our lives, from what we drink to whether we get health care, and even what our thoughts are, while our eyeballs are at play.  Naturally the big guy on the right lent gravitas to the topic, and the DNC thinks that he armed them with a fundraiser when he addressed the “war on gazing”.  Remarking on the proposed censuring of male’s eyes wandering in the direction of female breasts, he proposed a possible line that men could use in self defense if a woman objects to his gaze:  “I’m sorry.  Would you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?”

Pharmer notes that there is a double standard among the lefties regarding the war on women.   It is not acceptable for conservatives to gaze at women.  They’re too much more likely to have long term reproductive success. The OBJECTIFYING gaze is only acceptable if done by men e.g. Clinton and Obama, who will support abortion and pay for it with YOUR money. It’s OK for those kinds of guys to go a lot further than Gazing. The leftie women are just THAT thrilled to have guaranteed free birth control and abortions.

clinton stimulus
leftgurls loved Clinton stimulus 

But the weirdest thing is  the lib concept of how the opposite sexes (or maybe even the same sexes)  should interact in the seeking, prelude  and sexual encounters.  NO PEEKING.  This might guarantee equal outcomes for the less physically attractive.  Perhaps the utopian sexual encounters will be group affairs, with all participants blindfolded,  and in orchestrated maneuvers reminiscent of a game of  musical chairs,  having sex with whatever warm body is in proximity. No lookie, no kissie, no touchie, except for what is sexual “necessity”.

Ladies, those libs plan to make existence equally joyless for all of us, and the men too.