Jan 14

Rethink buying a Condo

See footage of a condominium complex in Raleigh NC, being blown down in an 80-plus MPH wind gust.

The box construction was pretty far along on these buildings which were very quickly blown down. It might make you rethink “investing” in a condo.

Click below for the details.

RALEIGH: Hurricane-strength winds rip through Triangle | Weather News | NewsObserver.com.

Jan 14

Sperm Bank Surprise

The now defunct Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc., which had been owned by a University of Utah faculty member, has produced a number of surprises for families which used their services.

It seems that Thomas R. Lippert, who operated the facility, did more than his share to help women get pregnant.

One couple got their surprise employing the services of 24andMe, which does DNA tests for those who have curiosity about their ancestral origins.  Their daughter was found not to have DNA in common with her putative father, because semen samples at Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc. had been switched.  It was found, through testing that the now-deceased Thomas R. Lippert was her father.  He apparently fathered others in a similar manner.  The University of Utah is now offering genetic testing for RTMI clients who received services between 1988 and 1994. Those affected can contact the University of Utah Andrology Lab at 801-581-5852.

It seems that Thomas R. Lippert had a very checkered past, and had served prison time for kidnapping and attempted kidnapping of women in Indiana for Kinsey-like “love experiments”.   Click on the image below or HERE to read more from a 1976 Florence Times newspaper clipping.

CLICK to enlarge 1976 Florence Times article

CLICK image  to enlarge 1976 Florence Times article


Jan 14

Party Drug Mephedrone Unsells Itself in the UK

Mephedrone is one name for 4-Methylmethcathinone, which is related to the class of synthetic cathinone analogs known as bath salts.  These were discussed elsewhere on the Pharm, in relation to serious behavioral disturbance.

Another such story has popped up in the news. This case illustrates the propensity of mephedrone to  to lower the natural inhibitions with respect to self surgery, (in this case as chopadicktomy), and unauthorized surgery on others (stabbing).

A 19 year old student, From Haywards Heath, West Sussex,  while high on mephedrone, stabbed his 46 year old mother, giving her life threatening injuries, then cut off his own penis. An individual close to the family told the Daily Mirror that the 19 year old “is normally a lovely lad, and very bright.  But unfortunately, he had started dabbling in drugs”

Don’t do Mephedrone.

Dec 13

Happy New Year

Looking for a bright spot in 2013?

Record breaking abortion clinic closures occurred in this year, says Operation Rescue.  87 surgical and 6 chemical abortion facilities were shuttered.  This leaves 582 surgical and 177 chemical abortion facilities remaining, a total of 757 abortion mills in the U.S.

Here’s hoping that this pace can be accelerated in 2014.

By the way, Russia is contemplating an abortion ban, to address their precipitous population decline.

Dec 13

Other than Contraceptives, What Else Will Consume Obamacare Dollars?

Here’s one more way that you won’t want your health care dollars to be spent.  Warning, before you click: it’s gross.

While Lefties object to Phil Robertson uttering a medical term for the gastrointestinal exit, THIS is what helps to fill the hospital emergency departments.

This is what causes a person to wonder if  there are some cases in which we should not be intervening with the process of natural selection.

Dec 13

Everybody Happy Happy Happy

sez Phil Robertson.

Scroll down and see one reason why......

Scroll down or click HERE and see one reason why……

Dec 13

Are You Wearing Camo to Church?

Conservative organizations such as Clash Daily are encouraging supporters of Phil Robertson to wear camo to church in solidarity, on Sunday, Dec 22.   Why not do it repeatedly?

Solidarity with Phil

Solidarity with Phil

Getting the jump on the occasion,  Yours truly wore camo to the 4:00PM Saturday Mass, and will remain so highly fashionable this weekend while Christmas shopping in the city.  There’s an extra reason to support Phil Robertson, a matter of giving back.  The Evangelical and the Fundamentalist Christians were quick to offer solidarity and support when your friendly Pharmer was fired at almost the same time of year, 12/19, (exactly 2 years before Clinton was impeached)  for refusing to dispense an abortive drug.

Dec 13

Lie of the Year: Readers’ Poll results from PolitiFact

By no means a right wing source of political analysis, Politifact.com has concluded that the biggest lie of 2013 comes from Obama: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”.  Obama is heard dozens of times saying this, without reservation, and it is anything but true.  Initially, they rated it as half true, but after a poll with over 14,000 responses, Obama’s promise was voted Lie of the Year in a landslide, garnering 59 percent of the votes, and clobbering a field of competitive entries.

Click HERE for a montage of Obama promising that “if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance”.

Dec 13


Apartheid is institutionalized in Congress

Dec 13

Man Waits 14 Months for Sears to Finish Dishwasher Installation – Reviewed.com Dishwashers

This story has two main points:

Man Waits 14 Months for Sears to Finish Dishwasher Installation – Reviewed.com Dishwashers.

1)Sears service has really gone down the tubes since the K Mart bought them. This is why Eddie Brayman, of Monteca, California washed his dishes by hand for 14 months, while waiting for 12 technicians fail in completing his dishwasher installation. They neglected to attach it to his cabinet.

2) Evidenced by the long wait, and Brayman taking this problem to CBS13 news in Sacramento, is that this guy did not feel competent to screw the dishwasher into the cabinet himself. That’s what would happen down on the Pharm, where the denizens (most particularly the man of the house) have installed all sorts of appliances.

It might be a sign of the times in California, and one cause of their economic problems. People there have become so “specialized” that mounting a dishwasher into a wood frame or cabinet walls has morphed into a task that takes longer than building a house does, elsewhere in the country.