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Aug 13

Sperm Donors Au Naturelle

It’s interesting to see what disturbs the intelligentsia these days, and compare it to what they condone.

There is little  problem with having sex with a 14 year old, and apparently less so if she commits suicide.

There is no problem with hooking up with a stranger as long as you prevent or kill the baby.

We’ve recently been regaled with a compendium of what passes for sexual propriety in our universities, by one Professor Mike Adams.  Displaying nude pics of children where pedophiles are gathering is OK, while stating the opinion that marriage requires a man and woman is not.  That’s just one example found in Adams’ amazing open letter which is really worth the click.

you can't flush your brain after this

you can’t flush your brain after this

Quite a bit if hand wringing is generated by the practice of meeting a sperm donor online, or through Craigslist, and getting pregnant the usual way. It seems that sleeping with strangers is only a problem if the intention is to make a baby. .

Long lost on the progressives is the idea that with repetition, sex tends to cause babies, (poorly designed birth control methods notwithstanding), and something is very wrong with killing them.

Aug 13

Your Rulers are Exempt from Obamacare


Obamacare exemptions

image from email. Looking for owner in order to give credit.

You won’t be happy once Obamacare kicks in, and you find out why the ruling class did not want it for themselves.

Jul 13

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine

Did George Zimmerman get away with murder? No. Juror B29 is being framed. – Slate Magazine.

Above are the headlines which were automatically generated when the WordPress “Press This” button was pushed on William Saletan’s  article on ABC’s treatment of  Juror B29, ‘Maddy’.

Going to the article itself, there is an apparent change, and the milder look is shown below.  The discrepancy is probably due to a need to keep the original link URLS and tags, after editors tone down the appearance of the article itself.

zimmerman hung juror Slate article grab 7-26-13

Aside from that apparent change, William Saletan has provided a good analysis of media bias coming from ABC. Their video cutting and editing provides an impression that juror B-29 thought Zimmerman was guilty of murder, but had to acquit due to the letter of the law.

When a less edited video is heard or viewed, it is apparent that the juror understood that Zimmerman was guilty of killing Trayvon, (an undisputed fact of the case) but that this was not manslaughter or second degree murder because no Intention to kill was apparent.  Saletan tells us that ABC interviewer put the phrase “got away with murder” in Maddie’s mouth.   She was repeating it  (vid link) as she analyzed the question being put to her.

Saletan gets a thumbs up for analyzing the media treatment of this case in a dispassionate way.  Click his link and read for yourself. 

You’ll meet a juror who wanted to find Zimmerman guilty of the killing, out of sympathy for the victim and his family, but knew that the charges did not fit the situation.  She put aside her feelings and  and conscientiously interpreted the law.  You will also see the ill effects she is suffering, now that she is aware of the government-fomented race war which has been generated from this case.

Jul 13

Coal Keeps the Lights On

Hear a new song by Country singer, Jimmy Rose, going viral after his performance at America’s Got Talent.   Click the VID at Conservativevideos.com. 

Mr. Rose, a former coal miner and  Marine veteran,  describes this song as his way to support his home town, and its industry’s contribution to America.

Coal Keeps the Lights On

Coal Keeps the Lights On

Hear the entire song, sung at the Texaco Country Music Showdown in Owensboro, KY, Oct 28,2012.

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May 13

IRS Head Shulman Record Breaking Number of Visits to White House


IRS Commissioner leads Obama White House Visiters. The Daily Caller.

IRS Commissioner leads Obama White House Visitors. The Daily Caller.

Shulman had more White House visits than any Cabinet member | The Daily Caller.

How can we KNOW that the White house directed IRS persecution of right wing organizations?   Because it’s Commissioner, Douglas Shulman, visited the White house 157 times during the Obama administration, more than any other member.

He visited 118  times during the two years before the 2012 elections, when the IRS was targeting the conservative non-profits.   That’s more than once per week.

Shulman was at the White House far more than any CABINET member.  His predecessor, Mark Everson was at the White house ONCE during George W. Bush’s administration.

More fun facts.

The ACLJ is representing 25  Tea Party groups in a suit  against the IRS.

At least Five Pro Israel groups critical of White House policies were targeted by the IRS.



May 13

Memorial Day Tribute by Ted Cruz

Click HERE to listen.

Ted Cruz memorial day 13

May 13

Hitler’s Doctors Said He had Homosexual Tendencies

An Army Interrogator, Herman Merl, a medical technician from Vienna, interviewed Adolf Hitler’s personal physicians, Karl Brandt and Theodor Morell.  In the resultant assessment of Hitler’s sexuality, Merl scribbled “Homosex”, says the Washington Examiner.

Merl’s other notes:   “Eva Braun = separate rooms”. ”Female hormone- injection 50,000 units”
“His sexual life and intercourse with Eva Braun was told to me.”

The records also mention Hitler’s hysteria, megalomania, flatulence, and that he had been injected with bull semen.  (That would have created quite a negative physiological reaction.)

Merl’s 5 notebooks will be up for sale at Alexander Historical Auctions of Chesapeake City, MD.

May 13

Redtails: Another BAD Idea from Washington

The PC police are on the march, trying to get the Washington Redskins to change their name.

David Grosso, a Washington D.C. councilman,  has expressed his desire  to change  the “racist and derogatory” name to Redtails.  The ever sensible Robert Griffin III tweeted in response: ‘In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.’

Your friendly Pharmer has heard of the Tuskegee Airmen who served with distinction  in World War II, but did Not remember that their aircraft had red tails.   So the name Redtails certainly did not evoke this, nor the Airmen themselves.

redtail aircraft

If a person wants to you to think about the whole bird, they don’t say Redtail, they say Redtail Hawk:
Redtail Hawk

The hawk’s tail isn’t that red.

Unfortunately, just hearing the term Redtails by itself, a very bright red image came to mind that rendered David Grosso’s effort a TOTAL FAIL.

hamadryas baboon

Apr 13

Yes, He’s From Texas :-)

babies guns steve stockman bumper sticker


Mar 13

RNC Chair Reince Priebus: Feeling the Loss of the Conservative Base?

RNC Chair Reince Priebus: GOP’s Problem Is the ‘Biologically Stupid Things That People Say’ | TheBlaze.com.

Priebus appears to be trying to win back the social conservatives, after abandoning them in the 2012 election.   Now he says that there is nothing that needs changing in the republican platform, but he still is dumping on the two candidates that his ‘administration’ threw under the bus in 2012.

Is Priebus feeling the loss?    Have a lot of other people left the republican party after Mourdock and Akin were dumped by them in the 2012 election?  Did they finally figure out that millions of conservatives stayed home last November, and that more of us are contemplating it this time?

Mourdock said absolutely nothing wrong in his interview.  There were no biological errors.  Some people believe in a less personal Deity, or would split theological hairs between the term “intend” and “allow”, but that is not an issue of biology.  It should be permissible for a candidate to speak his religious beliefs.

Akin ‘hyperbolized’  the idea that stress could adversely  affect fertility, but it remains essentially correct that pregnancy from rape only accounts for a tiny portion of abortions done in the U.S.

Neither candidate should have been abandoned for their statements, but Priebus and the republican elites threw these two under the bus at the behest of the leftist media.

Your friendly Pharmer would send money, again, to either man if they ran for office. Congratulations to  both Mourdock and Akin  for sticking by the MAJORITY of women who would not have an abortion if they became pregnant from rape, because they believe in the sacredness of life.  Society has basically abandoned them, by expecting women who have been raped to kill their babies.

Republican leadership has been selling true conservatives out for years.  It appears that Priebus wants to throw a tiny bone at those of us who have left them.  After so many betrayals, this is not going to be effective.

Feb 13

Leftie Washington Post doesn’t do Satire

Washington Post erroneously reports Sarah Palin joining Al Jazeera – POLITICO.com.

Egg is on the face of WaPo columnist Suzi Parker
in the “She the People” blog. She reported from a satirical article The Daily Currant, that Sarah Palin is joining AL Jazeera America news network.

For leftists: The Daily Currant is similar to The Onion. It is Satire. It does Parodies.

Feb 13

Soylent Brown- Double Horsemeat Fraud

Horsemeat found in British supermarkets ‘may be donkey’ – Home News – UK – The Independent.

It seems that a change in Romanian regulations has banned horses drawn carriages from the roads.   This has resulted in wholesale slaughter of horses, and is said to have precipitated fraudulent horse meat distribution throughout Europe.

Now it appears that there may be an added problem.  Some of the horse meat might actually be DONKEY!!   Is it actual donkeys, or have leftists taken their convictions about recycling to the max??  :-)

The Food Standards Agency of Europe is rejecting the idea of a ban on all meat imports.  Their claim is that all the products on sale are safe for human consumption.

Pharmer begs to differ.


Feb 13

A Little Kit for North Carolina State Students


At the Union Activities Board, it is felt that the students of North Carolina State University need a little spice in their sex lives…… and that assistance from the University is warranted.

Sick pic and story can be found HERE.   Lots of people know these sex toys and incontinence stoppers exist, but does an institution of higher learning have any business  supplying this stuff to students?

Feb 13

‘Yeah Samake pour la Presidence du Mali’ — Meet an Exceptional Candidate

One gets the impression that Mr. Niankoro Yeah Samake, who is running for president of Mali, is sincere in his desire to build a government that is responsible and responsive to the people. His He’s the mayor of Ouelessebougou, an amalgamation of 44 villages, and has developed an efficient system to keep his central government accountable to each village.
See below, his campaign video, and read an op-ed that he submitted to the Washington Times. The antithesis of  our own apologist in chief, Mr. Samake believes that democratic principles lead to the greatest possible prosperity.  He’s stresses the elimination of corruption, locally controlled education, and decentralized power.  Readers may also notice: Mr. Samake does not blink. :-)

Feb 13

MSNBC Has ZIMMERED the Gun Debate- Caught Editing the Video Again

NBC has been the mouthpiece of the left for decades. Your friendly Pharmer was personally caught up in this, long ago, having an hour-long interview turned into a soundbite in a shill for Planned Parenthood. After that interview, all other interview requests from NBC were refused, including their nationally syndicated evening news.

No one should be using NBC or MSNBC as a news source, because their output is fictionalized by heavy and biased editing.

John Nolte of Breitbart has decided to recognize the singular efforts of Eric Wemple at the Washington Post ! for recognizing and reporting on the latest transgression at NBC.
For his efforts to fairly investigate a claim by MSNBC, that the father of a child killed in the Sandy Hook shootings was heckled while giving testimony, Eric Wemple gets links of his coverage:

Was Newtown father really heckled?

MSNBC ‘reviewing’ Newtown ‘heckled’ video

Here’s why Newtown victim’s father was NOT heckled

MSNBC, Huffington Post respond to ‘heckling’ issue

Hannity compares ‘heckling’ case to Zimmerman tape edits

The short of it is that MSNBC edited another tape to portray conservatives and 2nd Amendment supporters as insensitive troglodytes.  They did to all of us collectively, as they did to George Zimmerman, and likely it will have similar  unjust and disastrous consequences.

The proper response to MSNBC  is to stop looking at it, do not click their ads, and try to avoid supporting their known advertisers.  Give MSNBC the corporate “death penalty” for its transgressions.

Unedited Video:


Here’s a collection of NBC editing efforts on behalf of their leftist agenda.

Jan 13

Acer Made Her Do It !!!

Pharm readers might have been wondering about the decline in posts Down on the Pharm. The computer hard drive had been trying to die for months, and it finally did. Before it died, your friendly Pharmer (on Nov 1, 2012)  purchased an Acer prebuilt computer from New Egg. It appeared to be a good buy, with plenty of speed for office use, and lots of memory. However………. Pharmer’s luck with computers ran out. In short, it appears from all the time spent with tech help, and the need to send it in for “repairs”, that the existing operating system,  (and 2 sets of recovery disks) for this computer, were not configured correctly to work  with the hardware. The Acer was unusable from day 1, and had to be sent out for “repair” for the second time on Dec 29, 2012. This second failure was the final impetus to drive the Pharmer to build her own rig. After some quick business, buying the individual components from Tiger Direct, (not a kit),  it’s up and running,  before the ACER came back from the shop. You can see Pharmer’s first build below.  She has entered new phase of life: Geek-O-Pause!

superfast...... it SCREAMS!!!.... could probably be considered a budget gamer.

Pharmer’s First Build

Acer AM3450-UR30P (PT.SHDP2.001) Desktop PC AMD Quad-Core Processor FX-4100(3.6GHz) 6GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity ATI Radeon HD 4250 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Acer’s Epic Fail

By the way…… Learn which ACER computer NOT to buy. It’s now out of stock at New Egg, but if you’re thinking about getting one of these elsewhere, build your own!

Later there will be some updates and a full description of what went into build number one, which appears to be running Windows 7 Home Premium very well on that solid state drive.

Dec 12


Nov 12

FLObama! It’s ART!!

Inspired by the latest artistic depiction of Obama as savior, Glenn Beck presents his very own work: FLObama, which features immersion of the presidential image in “countrytime” colored fluid, at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, no doubt.

Watch for yourself.

Of course, Beck points out that the Obama Crucified -”Truth” artist, (Michael D’Antuono) the “Piss Christ” artist, and he, as the “FLObama” creator, all are making use of the First Amendment free speech rights.

We are waiting for the screams, wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the left, as “FLObama”, aka “Obama in PeePee” is sold for its rather large asking price.

Update quoted from The Blaze:  “The popular online auction site eBay has yanked a piece of artwork done by Glenn Beck citing its belief that the project featured an Obama figurine floating in actual urine (it was not, however).”

“Bids can now be emailed in the subject line to the following email address set up by Beck: obamapeepee@glennbeck.com