Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology? – Miller-McCune

Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology? – Miller-McCune.

Drudge carried this story about a “study” implying that when people are under time pressure or cognitively impaired, they default to conservative positions.    As a result, the  Miller-McCune site, which carried the article is being bombarded with conservative views.

The underlying  fault of the study, led by Scott Eidelman at Arkansas University,  is that it works from false premises of what American Conservatism really represents. For example: how can the conservative position that ” production and trade should be free of government interference”    be said to align with “ acceptance of hierarchy, and a preference for the status quo” ??

The problem is that much of what is called conservative thought is the  opposite of the stereotypes heaped upon conservatives by the non-productive, non-inventive, parasitic left wing that infests academia.

American conservatives are preserving a  unique and ground breaking  social policy that recognizes God-given human rights, celebrates and encourages individual  creativity, productivity and responsibility.    Leftists are harking back  (devolving) to the top down system in which the government oversees and regulates  all their efforts.   This springs from a general, overriding  feeling that they cannot succeed on their own.