Japan Will Recover Faster Than the US Could

And assisting the Japanese  is very good idea.    Watch and learn the difference between them and Westerners.  Pharmer was expecting that this would be the cause of wonderment and surprise to those who are accustomed  to much worse behavior.   Do a search of looting and Japan.

No panic, no looting – life in a tsunami-hit Japanese city.

This story mentions a shop with its windows and door broken by the quake, and the author is astonished that  nothing is being looted.

As a rule, they don’t rip off their neighbor over there.

There’s no fantasy about Japanese being perfect….each culture has its  own oddities.  The huge cultural pressure that is exerted against stealing, in Japan,   is effective and refreshing to see.  This stems from from the strong sense that the people have of  being part of the community.

It will be so much easier to rebuild without idiots tearing apart what’s left of the infrastructure, stealing and killing each other, and attacking those who come to assist, as was the case in New Orleans, after Katrina.

Keep your eyes  on Japan.    Send some  AID if you have the bucks.

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