Death Threats from Moribund Time Magazine

A link to is worthless, except to illustrate that the lefties Know  the  Obama request for civility does not apply  to them.

Watching is similar to viewing the death process of a tree.  You know it’s on the way out, but it takes years to quit pushing out a few leaves.   Thus it is with the agonal reporting at

Wisconsin: Gov. Walker Wins, but Protest Anger Not Over – TIME.

This is their headline.

“Wisconsin’s Governor Wins, but Is He Now Dead Man Walker?”

Pharmer thinks that looks enough like a death threat, especially after all the email coming to the Republicans from the Thugs.

A couple lines from’s first paragraph, concerning the aftermath of union protests in Madison Wisconsin:

“The Wisconsin State Capitol had taken on an eerie quiet by late Friday.”………….”The chalk outlines around fake dead bodies etched with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s name remained in dismembered parts, not yet completely washed away by hoses.”

Yep,  death threats from the Unions and for Governor Walker.  That’s the leftist civility.