Rising number of states seeing one-party rule – Washington Times

Rising number of states seeing one-party rule – Washington Times.

The Dems now have veto-proof majorities in California and Illinois. Expect those two states to die. Develop an escape plan.

One party rule has become dominant in the states, whether it is Republican or Democrat. There are only 12 states with divided government. Republicans still hold most of the one party states, with 23, and the Dems now hold 14, having picked up 8. Republicans picked up 2. Interestingly, the Republicans picked up the Wisconsin senate. With that news, Pharmer now has some work to do in Wisconsin. Republicans also picked up Arkansas and really own the Old South, with 11 states. They added one governorship, for a total of 30 to the dems 20.

Pharmer isn’t so worried about one party rule in the case of republicans That really isn’t one party rule anymore, as that group itself is going to discover over time.

Vote Early, Vote Often

Michelle Obama tells us to vote early because something could come up on election day, for example your “toilet overflowing”.

Michelle: Vote Early Because Your Toilet May Be Overflowing on Election Day | CNSNews.com.

Apparently our government thinks we should vote often, since it contests the state voter ID laws, with Texas being just one example.

It also is tearing down billboards which admonish people to obey existing election laws.

Anti Voter fraud billboards to be torn down in Ohio and Wisconsin-

Oddly, the only early voting that the Obama administration seems to oppose is that of the military, which needs this opportunity the most.

Obama administration opposed Ohio allowing in-person early voting for military voters.

Why Would Anyone in the U.S. Shoot Up a Sikh Temple?

A single attacker entered the Sikh Temple in the Oak Creek suburb of Milwaukee, WI, and killed six worshippers before he was killed in gunfire with police, outside the building.
So far, no one knows why he attacked, but plenty of leftists, who wouldn’t be able to distinguish between Sikhs and Muslims, are blaming it on the Tea Party and calling it an Anti-Muslim or Racist Act.
Pharmer supposes that the  attacker must have been thoroughly Bonkers, as well as sociopathic.

Among the victims are Parkash Singh, and Satwant Kaleka (president of the temple). So far the most info is available at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That news source reports that there are about 3000 Sikh families in S.E. Wisconsin who gather at the Religious Society in Brookfield and the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek. The paper recalls a similar incident in 2005 when Terry Ratzman attacked a gathering of the Living Church of God in Brookville, and killed 7 people as well as himself.

Prayers for the victims of the massacre at the Sikh Temple  and for their families.

Party Time! Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall Election

Left-Wing Recall Effort Fails in Wisconsin.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz called this Wisconsin race a dry run for the Obama campaign. It’s nice to think of a similar result in November, with Team Obama being flushed into the septic tank of history.

Scott Walker won handily in Wisconsin, as did Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and the three other senators who were affected by the recall. A fourth open Senate seat was also in contest.

It’s a bad day for the public sector unions, and Obamanator, and a great victory for the Tea Party.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tentatively Calls Wis. Recall a ‘Dry Run’ for Obama Campaign Before Clarifying Comments | TheBlaze.com

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tentatively Calls Wis. Recall a ‘Dry Run’ for Obama Campaign Before Clarifying Comments | TheBlaze.com.

It’s best just to Quote what DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said. It’s lifted from CNN’s “State of the Union”:

“I think what’s going to happen, because of our on-the-ground operation, we’ve had an opportunity in this election…to give this a test run….Ultimately, I think Tom Barrett will pull this out, but regardless, it’s given the Obama for America operation an opportunity to do a dry run that we need.”

Wisconsin voters have the chance to demonstrate that no amount of Democrat cheating can move Scott Walker out of office.
Show Obama a dry run of his election results!

Death Threats from Moribund Time Magazine

A link to Time.com is worthless, except to illustrate that the lefties Know  the  Obama request for civility does not apply  to them.

Watching Time.com is similar to viewing the death process of a tree.  You know it’s on the way out, but it takes years to quit pushing out a few leaves.   Thus it is with the agonal reporting at Time.com

Wisconsin: Gov. Walker Wins, but Protest Anger Not Over – TIME.

This is their headline.

“Wisconsin’s Governor Wins, but Is He Now Dead Man Walker?”

Pharmer thinks that looks enough like a death threat, especially after all the email coming to the Republicans from the Thugs.

A couple lines from Time.com’s first paragraph, concerning the aftermath of union protests in Madison Wisconsin:

“The Wisconsin State Capitol had taken on an eerie quiet by late Friday.”………….”The chalk outlines around fake dead bodies etched with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s name remained in dismembered parts, not yet completely washed away by hoses.”

Yep,  death threats from the Unions and Time.com for Governor Walker.  That’s the leftist civility.