Put Wisconsin First: Data Mining the Scott Walker Recall Petitioners

Put Wisconsin First. <-- Click for the data. Put Wisconsin First and thousands of volunteers have undertaken to verify signatures, and characterize those who signed the petitions to recall Governor Walker. Petition data used in this effort was accumulated at Verify the Recall, a joint effort of the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty and We the People of the Republic. The Verify effort was an effort to confirm eligibility of the signatures and allow non-signers to search to make sure their name was not fraudulently used.

Put Wisconsin First undertook a project to match the signatures of petitioners to court records.
Among the signatures corresponding to actual humans, they found thousands of delinquent tax payers, felons, sex offenders etc.

Pharmer believes that the numbers are disproportionate to the actual population, and even more disproportionate to the population of likely voters. It is suspected that many of the signatories could not find their way to an election location, were they to be registered to vote on a random street corner.

A circuit court search tool at Put Wisconsin First locates the petitioners by category of crime, and includes misdemeanors as well as felonies, charges and guilty findings.

It was fascinating to see that thousands of people who did not like Gov. Scott Walker’s fiscal measures, to prevent worsening of tax burdens, were unwilling to pay their own taxes, and unwilling to pay child support.

3 thoughts on “Put Wisconsin First: Data Mining the Scott Walker Recall Petitioners

  1. Thank you for the story. If you have questions or are interested in more research, go ahead and email me. info@put wisconsin first .com

    Check out this guy, signed and self witnessed. From address? A mental institution. Why? because he is convicted of 1st degree homicide! Guilty, but not guilty due to mental disease. Signing a Recall petition! His signing address? "301 Troy Drive, Mendota Mental Health Institute, Madison, WI 53704-1521" http://www.putwisconsinfirst.com/wcca/?id=1093767

  2. Be sure to include information on Mark Belling, the cosmetic surgery addict who makes $2 million per year and sniffs cocaine off hookers' breasts in Victor's batthrooms. Also don't forget to include information on Charlie Sykes, the chronic serial adulter who makes $1 million per year. While you're at it, don't neglect to touch on the drug-addict, Rush Limbaugh, who makes $30 million per year and is constantly forcing his maids and housekeepers out to the streets to score his Oxy and heroin.

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