Dana Loesch Commemorates “Weinerversary”, when New Media Bypassed Old Media

Happy Weinerversary: The Lessons of WeinerGate.

Memorial Day is a more solemn type of holiday, but Congressman Anthony Weiner provided us with a circus sideshow over this holiday weekend in 2011.

Dana Loesch recounts the days during which the conservative blogosphere overwhelmed the hush efforts by the main stream media, and eventually propelled one N.Y. Democrat Congressman, Anthony Weiner out of office, for showing his namesake to young ladies on yfrog social media.

The main point has not the particulars of Weiner’s very stupid actions, but a demonstration that the New Media of online bloggers and real journalists is fully capable of overwhelming the tired OLD Media. Collectively, all of us can fulfill the watchdog function which is protected in the First Amendment. This is what Andrew Breitbart showed us.

Breitbart is here.

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