Jesse Jackson: Plea Deal to Resign Right after Chicago Reelected Him

Former U.S. Prosecutor Negotiating Plea Deal For Jackson Jr. « CBS Chicago.

There will have to be a special election, because Chicago would rather reelect Jesse Jackson, who is unable to work due to bi-polar affective disorder and other health troubles, and charged for trying to buy Obama’s senate seat and for misusing funds.

Jackson’s proposed plea deal involves his resignation, and some jail time, as well as returning the misused funds.

The nuts in Chicago just reelected this guy, who couldn’t even campaign!

More From the War on Women

Dem Rep Pens Novel with Graphic Rape Scene, Character Says Rape Prevents ‘Inbreeding’.

Have you heard a media stir or outcry from the feminazis  concerning a theory on the evolutionary advantages of rape?

The idea (not new) put forth by Dem Representative Jerry McNerney, who serves California’s Central Valley, is that rape is a means to prevent inbreeding.  A minor character is introduced in his novel to investigate a brutal rape.  The character suggests that men increased in size due to evolutionary pressures which allowed them to take women sexually by force, thereby preventing inbreeding.

The media focuses on the Republican idea that rape is not an excuse to kill an innocent third party, yet ignore these kinds of oddities coming from the left.

Nothing to see here???

Enter the Third Level

Pharmer thinks the Democrat’s theory might not hold up in THIS CASE, in which a custodial parent is charged with sexual abuse of the 14 year old girl in his care. It depends on the actual relationship of Biden’s secret service agent, the alleged perpetrator, to the adolescent victim, which is not yet apparent.


Obama’s Election Night Gathering

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At Hillbuzz, Obama’s chosen venue is described as being much smaller and more private than the big,  2008  election night rally held in Grant Park, Chicago.  Kevin DuJan says that the place is not good for pedestrian traffic or lines of buses.  The meeting places in McCormick Place, are entirely indoors, and will not fit the throngs of people who would be attracted to a winning candidate’s victory party.  This event  is definitely downsized.  This convention center is  a good place to make a concession speech, and then  take a very short drive back to the Obama-Rezko mansion afterwards.

Obama expects to lose.

Deb Butler, NC State Senate Candidate Waves ‘Transvaginal Wand’

NC Senate Candidate Waves ‘Transvaginal Wand’ in Campaign Ad |

Click above to see a video of NC State Senate Candidate Deb Butler Whining about her opponent Thom Goolsby.

Take a look at Deb Butler’s Endorsements from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and Lillians List.

Deb thinks the ultrasound is invasive but TAX PAYER FUNDED ABORTIONS are not.
Deb thinks that informing women before aborting their baby is invasive, but laminaria and suction cannulas are not.
Perhaps Deb also thinks that the TSA grope method, for which Planned Parenthood Charges Medicaid and the tax payers, is vital for cancer screening, but mammograms are extra. Her own party’s administration has cut the mammogram recommendation to every other year.

Pharmer thinks it’s stupid to do an abortion without knowing if the pregnancy is ectopic or not. Men wouldn’t tolerate such unguided surgical intervention as Deb Butler approves as the standard for women.

Pharmer thinks Deb Butler is every bit the fraud that Planned Parenthood is. Her ad is below.

Planned Parenthood Parties

On the First night of the Democrat National Convention,  Planned Parenthood is throwing a Sex Politics and Cocktails Party for a special list of invited guests (Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke??) and endorsed candidates.    (Free birth control provided??).   Sooooo classy.   It will be held at the exclusive Privilege Day Club and Night Club.   Get ‘er DONE between 9:30pm Sept 4 and 2:00 am Sept 5.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund: 9/4/2012, 9:30pm at Privilege Day Club & Night Club – The Charlotte Observer.

Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio is throwing a big awards Gala in Cincinnati Ohio at the Kingsgate Mariott Conference Center, right before election day.   The particulars are below.   Got $175 for a ticket?   😛    Could be that Planned Parenthood is in better shape than their top political cronies.  The dems are giving away tickets to Obama’s speech at  the national convention, but Planned Parenthood can still charge some big bucks for admission to their parties.

planned parentood awards gala cincinnati

Dana Loesch Commemorates “Weinerversary”, when New Media Bypassed Old Media

Happy Weinerversary: The Lessons of WeinerGate.

Memorial Day is a more solemn type of holiday, but Congressman Anthony Weiner provided us with a circus sideshow over this holiday weekend in 2011.

Dana Loesch recounts the days during which the conservative blogosphere overwhelmed the hush efforts by the main stream media, and eventually propelled one N.Y. Democrat Congressman, Anthony Weiner out of office, for showing his namesake to young ladies on yfrog social media.

The main point has not the particulars of Weiner’s very stupid actions, but a demonstration that the New Media of online bloggers and real journalists is fully capable of overwhelming the tired OLD Media. Collectively, all of us can fulfill the watchdog function which is protected in the First Amendment. This is what Andrew Breitbart showed us.

Breitbart is here.

Memory number 2
Allen West gave the Republican Response

Goodbye Barney Frank

Barney Frank not seeking re-election in 2012 –

Democrat Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts is not seeking reelection in 2012.  After “serving”  16 terms and much destruction of the banking and housing industries, as well as Jerry Springer style scandals, we are losing one of America’s leftmost congressmen.

There is a reason to give thanks.

Barney will announce during a press conference  at 1 pm today, says CNN.


Steve Driehaus, Deposed Democrat, Still Opposes First Amendment

SBA List v. Driehaus: The lawsuit that led the ACLU to side with a pro-life group « Hot Air.

Sore Loser, Democrat Steve Driehaus, of Cincinnati Ohio is still pressing his lawsuit against the Susan B. Anthony List for running an ad against him for the 2010 election.

Yes, Obamacare funds and supports abortion, and we know this from the Dems refusal to allow amendments to remove it.  the SBA list ran campaign ads revealing that Driehaus, who claimed to be prolife, was supporting abortion by supporting Obamacare.

Finally the Protect Life Act has passed the new, Republican dominated Congress, which would eliminate Obamacare funding for abortion.  You can count on Obama to refuse to sign it.

Driehaus is using a false statement law in Ohio to sue the SBA list for the (correct) campaign ads, and his case will go to trial in Federal court.  The ACLU is actually siding with the SBA list on this case, knowing that such suppression of political speech would put them out of business.

An appeal of the original judgment in this lawsuit has been filed with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Rep David Wu- Far Worse than the Tiger Costume

Sources: Young woman accuses Oregon Rep. David Wu of aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter |

Yes,  Rep. David Wu was acting too strange for his staff’s comfort, and now he’s on meds and in the process of divorce.

Previously Pharmer thought that Wu’s tiger costume did not rise to a worrisome  level  by Democrat standards.

Now he’s accused of  unwanted sex with a teenage daughter of one of his donors.

That’s enough.  Boot him out.