Dana Loesch Commemorates “Weinerversary”, when New Media Bypassed Old Media

Happy Weinerversary: The Lessons of WeinerGate.

Memorial Day is a more solemn type of holiday, but Congressman Anthony Weiner provided us with a circus sideshow over this holiday weekend in 2011.

Dana Loesch recounts the days during which the conservative blogosphere overwhelmed the hush efforts by the main stream media, and eventually propelled one N.Y. Democrat Congressman, Anthony Weiner out of office, for showing his namesake to young ladies on yfrog social media.

The main point has not the particulars of Weiner’s very stupid actions, but a demonstration that the New Media of online bloggers and real journalists is fully capable of overwhelming the tired OLD Media. Collectively, all of us can fulfill the watchdog function which is protected in the First Amendment. This is what Andrew Breitbart showed us.

Breitbart is here.

Memory number 2
Allen West gave the Republican Response

Breitbart: Are They Erasing?

Breitbart’s forensic technician poisoned to death?.

Michael Cormier, described as “respected forensic technician” for the LA Coroner’s office died, in his North Hollywood home, of questionable circumstances on April 20, 2012. This is the same day that the Coroner’s final report on the death of Andrew Breitbart was made public.

The report does not describe Cormier’s role in the investigations of Breitbart’s cause of death.

Cormier was transported to Providence St Joseph Medical Center in the early AM, complaining of pain and vomiting. He died later that same day. The police have been involved, and Cormier’s home searched. Toxicology tests have been done, with results pending for six weeks.

Celestial Discharge: Andrew Breitbart

Conservatives grieve the loss of another happy warrior, Andrew Breitbart, who fearlessly defended his profession, truth in journalism, and his beliefs publicly. Pharmer expresses gratitude to Breitbart for giving a forum to James O’Keefe, Live Action Films, the Memorial Day Weekend, Springer Scoop on Anthony Wiener, Fraud at the Dept. of Agriculture, the real Occupooper agenda, and so many other stories the old media chose to lose. Pharmer has this to say about Mr. Breitbart going to God so early : Good for him and BAD for US. Prayers for his family, and thanks for sharing him with America. His fearlessness and desire for truth is a model for conservatives to emulate

This one is up on my blog because this H.S. aged Gurl is responding in thoughtful and rational manner to the loss of Andrew Breitbart, whom she admired.

Thoughtful and rational at age 17……… yep she’s a real conservative.

Daily Kos Founder Seen Waving off Occupy Rapes as Insignificant.

If you don’t throw up before the 3:45 point of this video, you can see the founder of the Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, waving off the rapes which occurred at occupy rallies as insignificant. It’s the message, not the messenger. So we should be taking instructions from people who think rape is OK?
Pharmer guesses this is why they need government funding for birth control/abortion/sterilizations, and planned parenthood instructing grade school kids…
It all fits.
Andrew Breitbart is shown screaming at the occupoopers at the beginning of this film. It’s theatrical, but certainly justifiable.

Breitbart Has Obama Videos

Remember what happened to Anthony Weiner??   Breitbart had the pics…….

At CPAC,  Andrew Breitbart said he has some videos showing  Obama’s radical past, which will be interesting at election time.


John Stossel: ABC Politics Stopped Him From Doing Acorn Story.

Stossel, now working at FOX, made this admission while interviewing Andrew Breitbart.

Pharmer has the inside track on something that FOX News has not been eager to cover: stories containing the admission that birth control pills can operate by stopping the life of an early human embryo. Fox News reporters would call for interviews dealing with this issue time and time again, take down information, then never call back. At that time, other news networks, newspapers and radio were still permitted to deal with this subject. It was also covered on the O’Reilly Factor elsewhere on the FOX network.

More recently, FOX was able to mention that pharmacists were resisting the Blagojevich order forcing them to dispense all birth control pills in 2005, but we can’t find this year’s Illinois Judicial decision in favor of the pharmacy owners on their network. Maybe it’s buried somewhere deep.

Not to worry, the real news is on the internet now, and the New Media have taken up this story, and many others which the Old Media will not cover.