Facebook Censors the Navy Seals Benghazi Page

Understandably the Navy SEALs are quite Unhappy with their Commander in Chief after finding out that their compatriots in Benghazi, Libya were denied assistance directly from the White House.
The Special Operations Speaks PAC put up a Facebook page with the following image to express their displeasure. It was removed with a warning from Facebook.

The SOS PAC replaced the image along with a link to Facebook feedback, for people to express their outrage at the censorship, and were promptly suspended from Facebook.
Apparently the folks at Facebook hold their loyalty to Obama uppermost over their function as social media, and overall customer satisfaction.
Stockholders should expect for Facebook to gradually fade away….
Pharmer is carrying the SOS PAC image so you can see it.

Dana Loesch Commemorates “Weinerversary”, when New Media Bypassed Old Media

Happy Weinerversary: The Lessons of WeinerGate.

Memorial Day is a more solemn type of holiday, but Congressman Anthony Weiner provided us with a circus sideshow over this holiday weekend in 2011.

Dana Loesch recounts the days during which the conservative blogosphere overwhelmed the hush efforts by the main stream media, and eventually propelled one N.Y. Democrat Congressman, Anthony Weiner out of office, for showing his namesake to young ladies on yfrog social media.

The main point has not the particulars of Weiner’s very stupid actions, but a demonstration that the New Media of online bloggers and real journalists is fully capable of overwhelming the tired OLD Media. Collectively, all of us can fulfill the watchdog function which is protected in the First Amendment. This is what Andrew Breitbart showed us.

Breitbart is here.

Memory number 2
Allen West gave the Republican Response

Blog for Life

January 22 is a special day for the abortion supporters to push their cause using  blogs and  social media.   It’s the 39th anniversary of unfettered recreational abortion brought to you by your Supreme Court.

The pro-life bloggers and their contributors are using the same day to ask them: ‘exactly what do they mean by CHOICE’?  This campaign  is rebirthed  by Jill Stanek and friends. Feel free to join the party. If you tweet,  add #tweet4choice to your effort.  Use your facebook or similar accounts too!  It’s good clean fun, and will drive  NARAL nutz.

Keep up to date HERE.

TOP NEWS- a Tiny Cabal of Global Revolutionaries Occupies Wall St

Social Networking Spurs Wall Street Protest – NY1.com.

This is HUGE NEWS, sez the mainstream media.  These are the same newsguys  who ignore hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC every January in the freezing cold to protest abortion. Over a hundred thousand more followed  the event online in a virtual march.

But these global revolutionaries are a much biggerdeal!.  There was a puny crowd gathered in New York and between 4 and 5 thousand people watching the live stream online- WORLD WIDE.  Running chat rooms  had to be flushed out  because many of the watchers were there to make fun of the global revolutionaries.  Moderators  at the live stream chat asked for links and no more free form comments.   The little group of  protesters  in New York were repeating recitations by a leader, about five words at a time – more boring than watching Obama read the teleprompter, left…right… left… right.

But remember — this is a BIG DEAL, and those pro-life marchers who have been at the massive January rallies  for DECADES are to be ignored by the media, which knows what is important and what is not.

Feds to Gibson Guitar 2009: Outsource Work To Madagascar

The information in italics comes from an INTERVIEW with Henry Juskiewicz:
In 2009, subsequent to the first Federal raid, Gibson sued to have the wood which was confiscated returned to them.
The feds, in a pleading, stated that if Gibson outsourced the finishing of their fingerboard wood to Madagascar, their troubles would go away.
The Feds have never filed charges, but will not return the confiscated wood, now totalling a million dollars. They have also requested a stay (delay) of the proceedings in the lawsuit filed by Gibson.
Total costs of two raids are approaching three million dollars.
The Feds also said in their pleadings that they don’t recognized Madagascar, but their interpretation of the law states that Gibson should not have the unfinished wood.
Madagascar has sent statements that Gibson is not violating their laws.
The case regarding the wood from India (the second raid) is similar.
Gibson has been compliant with stewardship of rare wood in the past, and considers itself a leader in this area.
There are still no charges against Gibson guitar in connection with these raids, and the Federal government is holding the fingerboard wood (likely not in correct storage). It is affecting the price of your guitars if you buy from that company.
There will be 2000 American jobs lost if the Feds succeed in killing Gibson Guitars

WSJ has more dispassionate coverage HERE, and that article recognizes the difficulty and inflated cost of doing business in other countries, with the U.S. trying to interpret their laws and their own enforcement policies.

Gibson is using the twitter hashtag #thiswillnotstand, and its facebook page to bring news of their troubles to us. Here’s their statement about the raids on their own website.

Media Creates a “Backlash” Against Cyber Socializing

Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US | Media | The Observer.

Yes, the leftie press is  criticizing the social interaction on the internet, as it becomes the more reliable mix for obtaining news, and edges out the old  media.

This article manufactures a luddite leftie movement harkening back to a  time  when (?) leftists used to talk to each other and assist each other in real life.

In the Blue cities, crimes  occur in plain view, out on the street, with no one intervening.   Urban denizens  die alone in their apartments, with no one wondering what happened until the remains are mummified, or degraded down to the bones.   So this article’s lament about the facebook suicide occurring without immediate intervention rings hollow.

The negative of internet surfing  and socializing is that it’s somewhat addictive, particularly in the cold winter months.   The positive aspect is that people with severe disabilities have been able to converse on an equal social footing  with others, in an online  setting, without notice given to their physical difficulties.

The availability of computers and  internet, coupled with  the ability to work from home,  has also decreased the waste of talent of those with physical limitations or mental illnesses.  Now that they have more available avenues of  productivity,   as well as a voice,  leftists have less excuse to “abort”  them at any stage of life.