Media Creates a “Backlash” Against Cyber Socializing

Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US | Media | The Observer.

Yes, the leftie press is  criticizing the social interaction on the internet, as it becomes the more reliable mix for obtaining news, and edges out the old  media.

This article manufactures a luddite leftie movement harkening back to a  time  when (?) leftists used to talk to each other and assist each other in real life.

In the Blue cities, crimes  occur in plain view, out on the street, with no one intervening.   Urban denizens  die alone in their apartments, with no one wondering what happened until the remains are mummified, or degraded down to the bones.   So this article’s lament about the facebook suicide occurring without immediate intervention rings hollow.

The negative of internet surfing  and socializing is that it’s somewhat addictive, particularly in the cold winter months.   The positive aspect is that people with severe disabilities have been able to converse on an equal social footing  with others, in an online  setting, without notice given to their physical difficulties.

The availability of computers and  internet, coupled with  the ability to work from home,  has also decreased the waste of talent of those with physical limitations or mental illnesses.  Now that they have more available avenues of  productivity,   as well as a voice,  leftists have less excuse to “abort”  them at any stage of life.