Cut it Out, You Vampires!

A  44 year old Maori woman of New Zealand woman has suffered partial paralysis from a stroke which has been attributed to a HICKEY!

Yes, she suffered a clot of an artery leading to her brain after receiving a “love bite”  from her significant other, says Dr. Teddy Wu, who had treated the woman  at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland.   The case has since been reported in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

Docs say that the damage might have been worse had the difficulty not been quickly treated.

Don’t look for accurate medical reporting on this in the regular media.   You’ll  see stuff  implying  ‘warfarin dissolved the clot‘  (warfarin  helps to prevent clots), and the ‘clot in the artery…. traveled to the heart’…. (no, arteries lead away from the heart to the periphery, except in the lungs).     Someone find that journal article.