TOP NEWS- a Tiny Cabal of Global Revolutionaries Occupies Wall St

Social Networking Spurs Wall Street Protest –

This is HUGE NEWS, sez the mainstream media.  These are the same newsguys  who ignore hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC every January in the freezing cold to protest abortion. Over a hundred thousand more followed  the event online in a virtual march.

But these global revolutionaries are a much biggerdeal!.  There was a puny crowd gathered in New York and between 4 and 5 thousand people watching the live stream online- WORLD WIDE.  Running chat rooms  had to be flushed out  because many of the watchers were there to make fun of the global revolutionaries.  Moderators  at the live stream chat asked for links and no more free form comments.   The little group of  protesters  in New York were repeating recitations by a leader, about five words at a time – more boring than watching Obama read the teleprompter, left…right… left… right.

But remember — this is a BIG DEAL, and those pro-life marchers who have been at the massive January rallies  for DECADES are to be ignored by the media, which knows what is important and what is not.