Vote Early, Vote Often

Michelle Obama tells us to vote early because something could come up on election day, for example your “toilet overflowing”.

Michelle: Vote Early Because Your Toilet May Be Overflowing on Election Day |

Apparently our government thinks we should vote often, since it contests the state voter ID laws, with Texas being just one example.

It also is tearing down billboards which admonish people to obey existing election laws.

Anti Voter fraud billboards to be torn down in Ohio and Wisconsin-

Oddly, the only early voting that the Obama administration seems to oppose is that of the military, which needs this opportunity the most.

Obama administration opposed Ohio allowing in-person early voting for military voters.

2 thoughts on “Vote Early, Vote Often

  1. How about accuracy – Obama opposed early voting for ONLY the military. He wanted early voting for all, as we have had for years. Distortion is beneath you, Karen.

  2. A brief review of the Ohio voting issue for the commenter, who appears not to understand it.

    The military was accorded the opportunity to vote early IN PERSON. The rest of Ohioans RETAIN their ability to vote early. The election officials wanted the weekend before election Tuesday free of voter traffic so as to be able to process absentee ballots ahead of time. They were late in processing them in 2008.
    Ohio still wanted to allow military voters the privilege of voting in person, throughout the weekend ahead. It's a small 3-day accommodation for the people who put their lives on the line for relatively low compensation. It is this three day window of opportunity for the military that has the Obamanator's DOJ thugs suing the state of Ohio.
    It's extra reason, (besides being deprived of adequate self protection, and hearing the Ft Hood massacre called "work place violence" instead of terrorism), for the vast majority of the military to oppose Obama.

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