It’s That Time Again!

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about the election:  Today there is still time to line up all of those local candidates and pick the least freaky ones. State candidates are pretty straightforward, and nationally, it’s a no-brainer.

Your’s truly is a run of the mill pro-lifer who liked Cruz the most and decided to settle for laughing-pig-trumpstyleTrump.  Trump has been in the public eye for decades and we all know what an oinker he could be.  But it seems that the media has made his life an open book, while concealing the incredible moral turpitude of the Clintons.   Those who haven’t been sifting through foreign and alternative media sources for decades have NO idea.  Hill and Bill make Donald look like a boy-scout.

Settling came early.  In the days before the Indiana primary, there was a weighing of the possibilities.  Knowing that the both media and the RNC would attack either candidate, Trump became the only logical choice.  He has mastered the media, taking advantage of their greed, and utilizing their Pavlovian hate responses to his advantage.  Cruz did not have that instinct.  Though this gurl is one of the Indiana residents who caused Cruz to suspend his primary campaign, a contribution was made directly for his effort to continue his senate career.

Trump did not disappoint.   He has continued to play the media, and provide an incredibly entertaining campaign for those of us who have come to disrespect the DNC-RNC-media complex.  Trump has shown himself to be friendly to those of us with religion, and with his choice of advisors, has demonstrated that he intends to allow us to live in accordance with our consciences. He has shown respect for the rule of law, and for those who have served in the military.  Despite his imperfections, Trump has put forth a  persistent and consistent message that he wants to give back to the country that made him rich.

In contrast, Hillary has persistently demonstrated that government positions are for her self enrichment.  She has been selling access to the U.S. government for decades.  Banks, large corporations and foreign governments have purchased her favors during her time in the senate, as secretary of state, and in anticipation of her being elected president.

Despite Mr Comey’s fear of Hillary, (and dropping her email investigation, for now), the FBI continues to investigate the Clinton Foundation, which is the major vehicle for selling access.

Hillary has clearly demonstrated that rape and sexual abuse are OK, as long as government funded abortion comes with it.  If she is elected, women will be further pressured  to accept a more sexually subservient role that is bound to have deleterious health consequences.

There is hope that enough Americans will still consider the well-being and autonomy of this nation to be above such things as a government check, government run health care, abortion under government direction, and euthanasia ordered from Washington DC.  With a crumbling economy, how long are the “freebies” going to last, anyway?

There is hope that enough Americans will decide to try one more time to resuscitate the American dream, and wrest governmental control from the corporatist, social engineers who pretend to know what’s best for us, while not having any real concern at all.

Revisiting Leftist Democrat Abuse of Their Female Elder

Obama speechwriter, John Favreau gives us a giant, nauseating dollop of leftist hypocrisy.

Feelie exhibitionist John Favreau says that Trump is gross
Feelie exhibitionist, John Favreau says that Trump is gross

If you’re a leftie like Favreau, you can conduct any kind of disrespectful action towards a woman, have it photographed, and willfully DISPLAY it on your FACEBOOK page. After your employers make you apologize for it, and take it down, you are then absolved of all your transgressions, and may then judge when another person uses a Yiddish word for penis to describe that same woman being defeated, and basically screwed by the party for which she sacrificed all of her own honor and credibility.

Here’s Jon Favreau, Obama speech writer, groping the breast area of a cardboard cut out of Hillary, as celebration of Obama’s victory over her. This pic did survive for a couple hours on Favreau’s Facebook page before he was made to take it down. Perhaps he thinks that Trump was wrong to say that the Democrat party “schlonged” Hillary in 2008. Perhaps they only groped her private places before they threw her into the ditch, and put Obama in the place that had been promised to her.

Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton
Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton

In leftie-land, it is a lot easier to forgive any abuse or disrespect of women if the perpetrator supports abortion. That gave Bill Clinton a pass for much worse than Jon Favreau’s tacky performance.

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Fire the Bureaucrats

Life News has reported that Arkansas child protective services officials have arranged an abortion for a 10 year old girl.  The mother of the girl had apparently reached out for help to Choices4life, a pro-life group which supports girls who have been impregnated by rapists.  Despite this, CPS took the girl for an abortion, although the guardian apparently refused to sign for it.

Elected officials attempted to intervene in this matter to no avail.  One of the problems with allowing leftists to run bureaucracies such as child “protective” services, is that they do not seem to have to answer to anyone.  The bureaucrats govern by default, and are not generally held accountable for their decisions.

Forced abortion is not a new thing in the United States.  It has been quietly carried out  by various branches of  misnamed “child protective services” for decades.  These particular organizations, (with the wrong people in charge)  have behaved little better than child traffickers in this regard, as the victims of rape have often been returned to their abusers.

In recent years, electing supposed conservatives to office has not yielded the desired effects, because these people have been too weak willed to clean the leftists out of the bureaucracies.

Is it possible that any elected, executive officials will have the courage to pink slip the entrenched leftist bureaucrats and effect a significant transformation of government?

Stem Express Went to Court to Keep This Covered Up

Now you know why…….. it gets grosser and sicker, selling baby parts and INTACT whole babies, over a meal in a nice restaurant.

You can also learn about  the pitfalls of baby part quality control, blood clots, contamination, and rampant bacterial problems in certain clinics.  Wonder if that spaghetti tasted better with the conversation.  mmmmmm??

Grosser and Grosser: Planned Parenthood showcases 18 week old Twin’s parts

and explains that they can alter abortion procedures in order to obtain intact cadavers for sale. 

Please share this fifth video in the Center for Medical Progress Series.  Plenty of low information voters are still unaware of it.  Remember, there are seven more videos, and each one is expected to be sicker than the last.

Planned Parenthood really should not be funded and treated as an agency of the Federal Government by the Obama Administration.

The Woes at Stem Express after People Learn Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts.

Now that you know where the fetal and embryonic stem cells come from, that industry is hurting…

Life is rough at Stem Express now that people know who sells them the baby parts.
Life is rough at Stem Express now that people know who sells the baby parts for this kind of thing. Screen shot seen 7-17-15 AM

Their online catalog is showing a big 404 page not found message, today, but it’s possible to see a cache here, (Thanks to ‘Rhetoric Rocks’ commenting at Washington Times). If that stops working, then check their order form, and THIS, out.

Vid Exposes Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

The Center for Medical Progress (whose site is crashed today)  has splashed the results of a 30 month long Human Capital Project which documented how Planned Parenthood disperses the body part industry among its affiliates, so they can take the fall when someone blows the lid off of this illegal operation.  The journalists painstakingly attended abortion conventions and gathered paperwork and video footage to produce a rare example of actual investigative journalism.   Hats off to these intrepid throwbacks to the day of real news gathering and reporting.  SEE Planned Unparenthood Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola chomping her salad while she discusses the manner of selectively crunching babies in utero so as to avoid damaging the parts of interest to customers.   SEE CEO, Cecile Richards acknowledging the baby parts industry and say how Amazing Dr. Nucatola is.  The Youtube vid is working as of now. Tweet your disgust…… Jill Stanek explains the pro-life twitter mission at the end of her blog article.  Everyone needs to know just how low Planned Unparenthood can go. Get the word OUT. #PPSellsBabyParts.

Center for Medical Progress Expose, 30 months in the making

Abortion Pill Drone

The latest War on Women will be carried out using drones to drop abortion pills in countries where they are restricted or illegal. According to the UK Telegraph, Women on Waves plans to fly a drone from Frankfurt Germany, and drop packages of mifepristone and misoprostil combos to targets in Slubice, Poland. Women there are expected to take the pills, which frequently don’t complete the abortion process. Without medical oversight, they will manage their side effects, ranging from hemorrhage, infection, and death, in the privacy of their own abodes.
Whether or not it is legal for Women on Waves to drop the pills in Poland is a questionable issue. Most certainly, the women who use the drone dropped pills will be facing legal consequences in Poland, if they reveal the information when they appear at hospitals to manage disastrous outcomes. This, of course will inhibit women from seeking medical care, as they would if they lost a baby through natural causes. Killing or maiming women in order to get abortion legalized in Poland seems to be the plan.
Who cares about women’s health when there is a political agenda to push?

Your Tax Dollars at Wank

It’s not a Typo.

Congressman Mark Meadows of N. Carolina wants to make it illegal for Federal employees to view porn on their tax payer funded computers, while drawing tax payer funded paychecks.  He’s worked up about the Inspector General’s reports of federal employees pornifying themselves at work all day.  The famous EPA perv, who spent 2 to 6 hours per day poring over his 7000 porno files comes to mind.  Nine months after getting caught, that guy was still being paid  at the rate of $120,000 per year, though he was on leave, and no longer allowed to enter his place of work. His superiors have said that actually firing someone from a government job is a monumental bureaucratic undertaking.

Your friendly blogger, who actually worked at the EPA for a year,  knows how deadly boring the place is, and how difficult it is to plow through the paperwork to actually accomplish something.  The solution is to get a different job, NOT to wank oneself to death!

Who me? Work???

NHS Pedophilia Promoters Give Birth Control Implants to Girls as Young as 10

Nexplanon, (etonogestrel) a progestin containing implant has been given to at least 3 10 year old girls by NHS trusts in the UK.  They’ve also admitted to implanting the device into
an 11 year old,
53 12 year olds,
281 13 year olds,
3032 14 year olds and
6208 15 year olds.
Yes, for the perverts at the NHS, making girls available for sex abuse is the way to go.
In addition, they are not concerned about what the implants can do to the kids. For example, the long term, progestin only class of  BC is strongly associated with osteoporosis. Giving this drug to girls while their bones are still growing is  therefore not a good idea.
If a girl becomes pregnant, the drug affects the developing human embryo or fetus. Progestin only birth control is also associated with increases in susceptibility to STDs.  Etonongestrel is the active metabolite of desogestrel, which gained fame  from thrombotic events in so many patients, and the ensuing class action law suits.
Ladies, the clinical trials of Nexplanon EXCLUDED those who weigh more than 130 percent of ideal weight, and this drug  is associated with further weight gain.

Stuffing young girls full of progestins is the kind of perverted  policy we have come to expect from government run health care programs.