Fire the Bureaucrats

Life News has reported that Arkansas child protective services officials have arranged an abortion for a 10 year old girl.  The mother of the girl had apparently reached out for help to Choices4life, a pro-life group which supports girls who have been impregnated by rapists.  Despite this, CPS took the girl for an abortion, although the guardian apparently refused to sign for it.

Elected officials attempted to intervene in this matter to no avail.  One of the problems with allowing leftists to run bureaucracies such as child “protective” services, is that they do not seem to have to answer to anyone.  The bureaucrats govern by default, and are not generally held accountable for their decisions.

Forced abortion is not a new thing in the United States.  It has been quietly carried out  by various branches of  misnamed “child protective services” for decades.  These particular organizations, (with the wrong people in charge)  have behaved little better than child traffickers in this regard, as the victims of rape have often been returned to their abusers.

In recent years, electing supposed conservatives to office has not yielded the desired effects, because these people have been too weak willed to clean the leftists out of the bureaucracies.

Is it possible that any elected, executive officials will have the courage to pink slip the entrenched leftist bureaucrats and effect a significant transformation of government?