Fort Hood Massacre: Either it was Terror, Or Obama Should be in Jail

TheBlaze Investigation: How Obama and the Army Betrayed the Victims of Fort Hood |

Glenn Beck is covering the issue of Fort Hood military personnel who were injured or killed by Major Nidal Hasan.  He’s been clamoring for the incident to be recognized as a terror attack, and for the victims to be honored and/or supported  as is befitting members of the military who are killed or injured in an enemy attack.

At issue is the relationship of Hasan to Anwar Al Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who became a radicalized Muslim cleric, and the inspiration of this attack.

Obama chose to Drone Al Awlaki and his 16 year old son.  Yes, they were both killed without the  due process that is normally accorded to criminals who are American Citizens.

Either the Ft. Hood massacre should be classified as a terrorist attack, or Obama and his associates who participated in the drone attacks should be in jail for murder.

Government Retaliates Against Priest Who Sued over Shutdown of Mass

Navy Chaplain Fr. Ray Leonard had begun service to the U.S. military after 10 years of ministering in Tibet, under conditions of religious suppression.  He was surprised to find religious freedom deteriorating in the U.S. upon his return.

During the government shutdown this past fall, chaplains were banned from celebrating Mass at the Georgia Naval base.  Rev. Leonard was threatened with arrest for administering any of the sacraments during the shut down.  He then filed suit against the Department of Defense for forbidding him to perform the duties of a Catholic priest.  A day later, he received a letter reinstating his right to perform his duties.  One week later, he was informed that his DOD contract was no longer valid, and offered a new contract which required him to agree not to receive payment for services already rendered. He was the only chaplain to undergo such a contractual change.  Fr. Leonard had been scraping together money for his food and rent during the months of November and December, in lieu of his salary.  (We expect the IRS to be going after him for that, later on, if he can’t account for every penny and every free meal. )

Thomas More Law Center has amended the original lawsuit, adding a complaint that Fr. Leonard has suffered unlawful  retaliatory damage from the government in response to the first lawsuit. A court has ordered the government to respond to the amended complaint by March 3, 2014.

DC Navy Yard : A Single Mentally Ill Suspect

Aaron Alexis, the single suspect in Washington DC Navy Yard Shootings is said to have been under treatment at the Veterans Administration for severe mental problems, including paranoia, hearing voices, and inability to sleep.   The Navy did not declare him mentally unfit, since this would have rescinded his security clearance which had been obtained during earlier service in the Navy Reserves.  It appears that Alexis was attempting to self-treat his bad temper.

From CNN, it appears that earlier reports that an AR-15 was used in the shootings was wrong.  A shotgun and two handguns have been recovered from the scene.  The shotgun is believed to have been brought in by the shooter, and the handguns might have bben taken from guards at the Navy Yard.  It is suggested that Alexis had rented an AR-15, but returned it sometime prior to the rampage on Monday.

Thus far, the death toll attributed to Alexis is up to 12 Americans.

There of course is clamoring for more gun restrictions nationally, although this shooting occurred in a place with the most restrictive gun laws.

Washington DC Navy Yard Shootings

There is a report of 16 people having been shot at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, with 4 said to be killed thus far.  It is claimed that one gun operator has been shot and killed and that another is “down”.   There is the suggestion that three people are involved.

Similarly to  the case of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, we are being assured that this is not an act of terrorism.

It will probably be a long time before this story has coalesced into something that is believable.  Do not hold your breath.

At The Blaze, a news timeline is being published.

Prayers for the wounded and deceased.

Putin Emerges as Top Dog in Syrian Debacle

To lead off, here’s  another report, this time from the Germans,  that casts doubt on whether Assad is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on Syrian forces. According to this source, intercepted communications showed Assad denying permission for the use of chemical weapons.

Bashir Assad appears to have accepted Vladimir Putin’s proposal to put his chemical weapons under international control, for subsequent dismantling.

After an attack on Syria has been spun  as an effort to reduce the influence of Iran, perhaps Obama will have to make up another story, explaining why firing missiles on Syria is no longer necessary, and we don’t have to worry about Iran anymore.

Every few hours brings a new shift in the Middle East policy and plans.  It’s making Putin look almost reasonable, and Obama appear indecisive and incompetent.   Who would want to rely on U.S. foreign policy now?

Obama’s agenda to diminish the stature of the U.S. in the world is proceeding as well as any leftist could hope.

****Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell your congress critters to DEFUND obamacare and to kiss off the latest immigration amnesty package, while you voice your opinion on the Syrian mess.

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wants to Start a War with Syria

Obama wants to start a war with Syria, but is going to ask for Congressional approval so that it can be blamed on the Republicans.

You know that war is routinely started by Democrats and blamed on Republicans, and here we go again!!

Additionally, it appears that al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood will benefit from the planned intervention.  So if you want to call and write your representatives, now would be the time.  Don’t forget to mention defunding Obamacare and stopping the fake “immigration reform” while you’re at it.

Suppression of Religious Freedom in Obama’s Military

One of the driving forces of a return to the military draft is Obama’s hostility to religious freedom.  The military is the incubator of social experiments, many of which go against the teachings of most major religions.   The increasing incidence of rape in the armed forces, some of which is male on male, indicates the pathology of leftist social policy.  The speech and freedom of conscience of those who do not agree with these kinds of behaviors is being suppressed.  Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel has not shown a tolerance for the freedom of religious expression in the military, and apparently Mikey Weinstein of the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” has his ear.  Weinstein’s agenda involves anything but religious freedom, with his least favorite denominations being the evangelical Christians.

A major reason for women to avoid service in the Obama military is the threat of rape by fellow military personnel.  Another reason is the pressure to abort in the event of pregnancy.  A third is the disrespect for the right of conscience.

Likewise, men who enter Obama’s very weird military are under similar threats minus the adverse effects that pregnancy could have on their careers.

Currently on tap is an expected Veto from Obama of the Military Defense Authorization Act of 2014, if it contains the amendment by Rep. John Fleming, protecting religious speech of service members.

Christians May Not Join the U.S. Military

A new military policy threatens court martial to any service member who spreads their faith or shares it with other service members.  Under discussion is that this policy will also apply to military chaplains, rendering their presence completely moot.

For the time being,  Christians and those of any other evangelical faiths need to avoid signing up to serve in the military.

This egregious violation of civil rights will need to be addressed in the courts.   Meanwhile, the United States is left with diminished defense.