Suppression of Religious Freedom in Obama’s Military

One of the driving forces of a return to the military draft is Obama’s hostility to religious freedom.  The military is the incubator of social experiments, many of which go against the teachings of most major religions.   The increasing incidence of rape in the armed forces, some of which is male on male, indicates the pathology of leftist social policy.  The speech and freedom of conscience of those who do not agree with these kinds of behaviors is being suppressed.  Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel has not shown a tolerance for the freedom of religious expression in the military, and apparently Mikey Weinstein of the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” has his ear.  Weinstein’s agenda involves anything but religious freedom, with his least favorite denominations being the evangelical Christians.

A major reason for women to avoid service in the Obama military is the threat of rape by fellow military personnel.  Another reason is the pressure to abort in the event of pregnancy.  A third is the disrespect for the right of conscience.

Likewise, men who enter Obama’s very weird military are under similar threats minus the adverse effects that pregnancy could have on their careers.

Currently on tap is an expected Veto from Obama of the Military Defense Authorization Act of 2014, if it contains the amendment by Rep. John Fleming, protecting religious speech of service members.