Lara Logan Treats Her PSTD With Diazepam and Red Wine

A good, strong media-grrl, Lara Logan shows us the way….following her gang-rape in Tarir ‘Square’ by a mob of crazy Egyptians, engaged in’ Arab Spring’ demonstrations. Perhaps she wants to show us that the trauma of gang-rape is do-able. She sucks it up and heads out on her missions as CBS foreign correspondent, with the help of diazepam and red wine. As we know, diazepam (Valium)is a rather long acting benzodiazepine, so she might retain the effects of the active metabolites of this drug for days after her pre-mission doping. One astute comment followed the story below, suggesting that Ms. Logan should be engaged in different journalistic pursuits until she is able to deal with these trips to other countries without self medicating, for her own sake, as well as that of others.
Pharmer suggests that CBS is still abusing Lara Logan, and obtaining benefit from it.

Lara Logan Now Covers Dangerous Stories With ‘Valium and Red Wine’ |